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So bite me, I’m antisocial!

Posted by pauaprincess on August 4, 2007

I’m a homebody.  I like to be in my little palace, bumbling about, preferably alone.  I don’t need entertaining company, I’m happy sitting and crocheting, drawing or whatever takes my fancy.  That’s just who I am.  I can entertain myself.  I am a child of the 60’s.  I predate 24/7 tv, hell I pre date colour tv!  I like living in my head, reading books.

I want to be alone!  I work shift work so I can be alone sometimes!

The bane of my existence is the drop in visitor! 

There is nothing I hate more, than to be relaxing after work or quietly watching tv on my day off and having someone turn up on my doorstep. Without so much as a phone call to warn me!

I don’t give a flying Frig that YOU were just passing.  I don’t care that YOU thought it would be nice to drop off an invitation in person rather than posting it.  How dare YOU decide when it’s right for me to have company?

It’s so effing rude!

It’s my home and I have a right to feel comfortable in it and to use it as my fortress!

I need time to mentally prepare for visitors.  That is what the courtesy phone call is for, to give me time to summon my sociable personality to the fore, put on my visitor face, switch off my brain and be ready to chit chat.

Not to mention, I’d prefer to straighten up before you arrive.  If I’ve spent the morning ignoring a pile of toys in the corner, lego in front of the tv or junk all over the coffee table, I want a good half hour to whip around and get rid of the mess.  I have some pride, I don’t want you to see it and your assurances that I should see the mess at your house some days, just make it worse!  It doesn’t matter to me that you don’t care, I do!

Leave me the hell alone at home!  If you can’t, then at least give me some warning of your impending invasion!

You know, when I venture out and seek company, I ring first to see if it is convenient for you to have visitors. This is because I am POLITE.  I observe the social niceties and quite frankly, I hope to teach you by example!

If you don’t learn by example, you’ll most likely learn by my “not a good time” as I slam the door in your face.  Note that I missed out the “sorry” at the beginning of that sentence? That’s because I am not sorry at all!

If you don’t like it, tough!  Don’t invade my sanctuary and expect me to turn into effing Emily Post and my house to look like a Martha Stewart makeover just happened.

And don’t expect me to take it like a chook on Christmas Day!

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