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3 minutes Silence for Children of Abuse

Posted by pauaprincess on August 8, 2007

Today at 12:12 we are all asked to observe 3 Minutes of Silence to reflect upon the short life of Nia Glassie and child abuse in general.

3 minutes representing each year of Nia’s life. 12 is the number of children killed by parents and caregivers each year.

But, is silence appropriate? Silence is part of the problem.

I’m all for protesting child abuse, don’t get me wrong. But what does it achieve? We all express our outrage. Politicians make speeches. Nothing changes. How do I know?

Last year we held a candle light vigil on Mangere Mountain at dawn, to protest family violence, after the deaths of the Kahui Twins. Politicians spoke, Maori leaders spoke, child advocates spoke. Nothing has changed. Actually nothing of any significance has changed. We now have an anti smacking law, that doesn’t protect children from abusive adults.

Protesting helps us to express our outrage, that’s all.

Meanwhile, at least two more children lie in hospital, victims of their parents and caregivers.

A woman is going on trial for abandoning her toddler in the bush just out of Whangarei, resulting in the death of her child by drowning.

Some Maori are busy telling the media that the problem of child abuse is one created by colonisation and they need to be left alone to solve it.

“While we appreciate their concern, non-Maori need to recognise the following fundamentals: this is not a Maori problem, so much as it is a colonisation problem, and Maori communities must lead the development of solutions.”

Dover Samuels, who I normally wouldn’t agree with, has this time hit the nail on the head with this statement. He’s advocating taking responsibility, stopping looking at laying the blame at the feet of colonists and starting to take action.

“Until we come to terms with the core of the issue and unveil why these people commit these crimes it will continue.”

So observe 3 minutes of silence by all means. But don’t let it be all you do to stop child abuse.


3 Responses to “3 minutes Silence for Children of Abuse”

  1. Kelly said

    I’m not exactly sure how people landing on our shores 150 odd years ago can possibly have a hand in the kids lying in hospital today. That’s pushing the blame game out just too far: it beggers belief!
    Yes to getting to the core of it – no matter how unsightly and ugly it is. We need to do this.

  2. You and me both. Blaming events of over 100 years ago seems to be just another way to shift blame.

  3. Kathryn said

    Good work my friend. Love the new layout too.

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