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Killing of a Police Dog

Posted by pauaprincess on August 10, 2007

315829Less than a month ago, Cane a general duties Police Dog was stabbed by an offender. Yesterday morning, Enzo a 3 year old Police Dog in Tauranga was allegedly drowned by an offender evading Police capture on a family violence warrant.

Enzo was only 18 months into his career, which means he was about 3 years old. The offender remained on the loose for another 5 hours while Tauranga Police and two helicopters, one being the Police helicopter Eagle based in Auckland, searched a bush area in the Kaimais. Eventually he broke cover and was captured around 5pm.

In the course of my work I’ve come into contact with a few dog handlers. They are great guys and their dogs are their partners. Dog handlers travel from incident to incident all shift long, answering to the common call sign of Delta. They go after offenders with just their dogs as back up, they track for hours and kilometres, putting themselves in danger of not just injury at the hands of offenders, but the danger of injury from scrambling over fences, being attacked by dogs in properties and falling into holes and down cliffs. Insult the dog, you may as well insult the Delta.

The dogs are as happy working dogs as I’ve ever seen. When the protective training sleeve comes out, they get excited. Catching bad guys is a great game of fetch to them and when they get an offender, they are lavished with praise. Every handler thinks his dog is the best little dog out there. When they aren’t working, they are your average cuddly German Shepherd and love retrieving anything you throw.

This is the dog section overview on the Auckland Police Website.

Losing a dog is losing a partner. My thoughts are with Kayne, his handler who must be completely grief stricken. Enzo is the 22nd Police Dog to die in the line of duty.

Police Dogs are the bravest of all working dogs, daily they tackle offenders armed with anything from a stick to a gun. They track and capture offenders without thought for their own protection. When Police Dogs are retired, they often stay on with their handlers to live out their lives as well loved family members. I’m told, that when they see their handler getting ready for work, they often look on wistfully as the new partner jumps into the back of the wagon and sometimes they go along for the ride, for old times sake.

Killing a Police Dog carries a maximum sentence of 2 years in New Zealand. It should carry the same sentence as killing a Police Officer on duty. The dogs don’t swear an oath, they do it for love.

Update: An account of the offenders appearance in court from the Herald.


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