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Killer Caterpillars and other news

Posted by pauaprincess on August 11, 2007

caterpilla In America they have alligators, snakes, scorpians and George Bush. In England they have Adders. In Australia it’s snakes, spiders, crocodiles and cane toads.  All over the world you can find wildlife that’s got nothing better to do than bite or poison you, in order to kill you. 

Not to be outdone, here in New Zealand we have….. a venomous caterpillar!  Yes that’s right, a caterpillar!  That’s the scary, hairy little buggar on the left!

Apparently while the Ministry of Agriculture were busy spraying the Western parts of Auckland for the Painted Apple Moth, fondly known as PAM to the residents of West Auckland who endured the monthly sprayings  by airplane about 5 years ago.  A hairy invader called the Gum Leaf Skeletoniser not only made it into the country from Australia but it thrived, sitting smirking safely in Gum Trees while it’s cousin Pam was aerially bombarded and all Wattle trees in sight were chopped into firewood.

Recently, well in February but it’s just made the news, 3 little girls climbing trees at school in Avondale were mauled by the Aussie invader, suffering welts and severe itchiness.  Luckily with the application of topical lotion and ice packs the symptoms were relieved within 24 hours.  Due to wide distribution of the vicious little beggars, MAF is undertaking a management program.  I wonder if they’ll microchip them like dogs?  I wonder if the Government will legislate against tree climbing?

Micro chipping is back in the news.  Big I told you so’s to the Government from all the critics of Micro chipping as a form of controlling dangerous dogs.  After a spate of attacks by mans best friend and one in particular on little Carolina Anderson 4 years ago, the Government did what it does best and introduced controversial and ineffective legislation in an effort to persuade/dupe the voting majority that it was actually making an effort. 

Micro chipping became compulsory for newly registered dogs.  Critics at the time argued it wouldn’t have any effect on dog attacks, I have to agree.  I’ve yet to meet an angry mutt who stops to consider that they may be scanned by dog control if they bite someone.  It would be a different matter if the micro chips were scanned by satellites that could instantly alert animal control officers that an angry dog had just bitten someone and exactly where it was.  However they don’t.  Micro chips are merely embedded dog tags so, unless the victim has a scanner handy during the attack, they’ve no better idea of the name and owner of the dog that bit them, than they did before micro chipping.  They’re better off hoping the dog has a tag with “my name is killa please don’t feed me and return me to xxxxx” on it’s collar!  Just to add to it’s already ineffective legislation, the Government is now considering adding further breeds to the banned list.

In addition, some bright spark has written an article in the New Zealand Medical Journal accounting for the high rate of  small children aged 5 and under being attacked by dogs.  Now I know this will come as a shock, but this genius has pointed out that physical immaturity and a lack of judgement could be a factor!  Who’d have thought?

Speaking of Dogs, Constable Kayne Cording speaks about losing Enzo here.  The offender Tairyn Murphy has appeared in court and been remanded into custody to await a hearing.  You’ll be pleased to know his girlfriend was present to support him, his friends all gave him a gang salute and he’s going to pursue a case against the Police for assault, what a winner.  Personally, I think they should have remanded him in the kennels with some angry, hungry, unchipped mongrels as cell mates. If he thinks a few superficial injuries constitute Police Assault, he should meet some of the people I’ve spoken to who’d be happy to show him the business end of a baseball bat.  No sympathy for dog killers by these animal lovers and anti violence campaigners.

Just to add some balance to all the dog and caterpillar news, meet Tiddles the pigeon loving cat from Rotorua.  Tiddles has befriended a pigeon, imaginatively christened… wait for it….Bird.  I wouldn’t have thought that it was such a slow news week that a food sharing bird and cat combo made it to the national papers, but there ya go!

Just so I can tick the Political box, I thought I would add the story of Hone Harawira, the walkabout politician!  Yes our Hone while on a Government junket to Australia, with the Justice and Electoral committee, hijacked a news crew, abandoned his official program and went walkabout in Alice Springs.  Hone is a on a personal mission to improve the Australian Government and impress upon them that they are racist b*stards.  So far, Hone hasn’t impressed anyone except the Aboriginal cuzzies he visited.  The Australian’s don’t want some minor politician from NZ pointing out that they are racist b*stards and telling them how to sort out internal issues.  The National party is having a slamfest in Parliament with it and best of all, Hone’s supporters in the house are justifying his actions by spilling to the national news about how politicians go overseas and neglect their duties all the time!  Well that’s a comfort to us taxpayers, isn’t it?  Nobody ever said you had to be clever to be a politician now did they?


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