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Ever tried to purchase whiteware?

Posted by pauaprincess on August 13, 2007

Once upon a time, according to my 95 year old Grandmother “Things were built to last!”.  Apparently these days they are not.  Which explains why I just got my third washing machine in 20 years.

I arrived home on Friday morning from my nightshift and woke my Prince to get up for work.  After enquiring about the time, he broke the news…The washing machine is broken!

My breathe caught, “my washing machine is broken? Why? What happened to it? WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“It’s not spinning. I didn’t do anything, it just wouldn’t spin”

Now the Prince might be an electrician, but I am a woman, he couldn’t possibly know the ins and outs of my whiteware, he probably overloaded it, unbalanced it or something.  I went to the laundry and turned it on, bling bling it said as it awoke (my washing machine sings to me).  I opened the lid, sure enough there was about 6 inches of water in the tub.  I pushed buttons rapidly and set it to spin and drain.  It hummed, it beeped, an error message appeared and it shut down. BUGGAR!  I tried again, same result. No longer would I hear it’s cheery little song as it finished my washing, I gazed sadly at the huge pile of washing awaiting my attention and wondered how I was going to get it dealt with.  Then I knew, I needed a new machine.  Either that or it was down to the river which is pretty muddy due to recent rain.

And so it began…

You’d think it would be simple, I have the cash, I go to the shop, look at the machines, make a choice and drive home with a brand new shiny washing machine.  But no.

I went to the shop, made my selection, all was going to plan until I tried to actually buy the nice shiny machine. 

“Oh I’m sorry, we don’t have any in stock.”

“What about that one?”

“That’s the display model”


“We can’t sell you that one,it’s for display but I’ve checked the computer and our branch at the end of the motorway has two in stock”

“And the point of displaying one when you have none in stock?”

“We can’t sell it to you”


The store closes at 9pm and it’s 8:35pm now….

So we drive like demons, to the other end of the motorway and arrive just as the store is closing…

“Sorry we sold our stock today” arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

“We will get some in next week”

Too late for me, I need it now.  Right now! I’m beginning to suffer some sort of bizarre panic attack or detergent withdrawl maybe?  The Princeling has hockey tomorrow, if he gets player of the day, we’ll have a dozen hockey shirts to wash!  I’m seeing myself at the river beating hockey shirts on a rock…

Saturday morning I ring around before the Princelings hockey game and locate one, it’s the display model, but they’ll sell it to me, they don’t want to deliver it, they’ll let me take it as soon as I hand over cash!  They’ll hold it. Yes!

We go to hockey.

After the game we arrive at the store, check out the display model… it’s got no hoses and no lint trap… nobody can find them, they must be lost.  We have to leave it.  This is the closest I’ve been to actually having a functioning washing machine in the past 24 hours!  The Prince drags me from the store.

I’m beginning to think my time would be better employed loading my washing into the car and visiting a laundromat, heck even the muddy river is beginning to look attractive to me.  I only have 3 days off and I’ve just wasted two in fruitless effort to purchase a machine, if I don’t get it today I won’t have clean work clothes!

Finally we go to a little out of the way store, they don’t have the machine I want.  What they DO have is the machine I dream of owning, at a better price than any other store in town, yep it’s in stock, yep I can buy it and take it home!  I hand over my eftpos card, zip zap, it’s done.  We load it into the car.  Drive home, install it…

At last, clean clothes.


2 Responses to “Ever tried to purchase whiteware?”

  1. bee said

    why do clothes need to be washed? this is an existential question that has plagued me for a while. our stone age ancestors enver had problems with washing machines.

  2. I don’t know because I’ve always washed my clothes but I was always told that apart from smelling bad, my clothes would rot away lol.

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