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Of all the Sanctimonious Tripe!

Posted by pauaprincess on August 14, 2007

Check out this rubbish from the NZ Herald. I cannot believe this woman is a deputy editor and that an actual editor approved this story to go to press. It’s the biggest load of sanctimonious, self serving, drivel I’ve read in a long time!

Karyn Scherer deputy business editor got a visit from the Police on Saturday night because a neighbor did the right thing and called to report that she/he could hear a child screaming and it wasn’t the first time.

Ms Scherer, who confesses to being a supporter of the anti smacking legislation thinks Waitakere Police should apologise for doing their job! That they maybe should have known by her address that she wouldn’t abuse her children and is so incensed that she was visited and spoken to, despite Police viewing her children and leaving satisfied, that two columns have been dedicated to the “error in judgement”on behalf of the Police. Ms Scherer, a worldly reporter labours under the misapprehension that middle income earners don’t abuse their children! What a sanctimonious, up herself, classist cow!

So they left, but without so much as a smile or a “sorry to bother you”, and now I am the talk of the neighbourhood.

Ms Karyn Scherer should be down on her knees thanking the Police for attending and not subscribing to her beliefs. What if, her toddler had been screaming because his mother was being attacked? She’d be writing a column about classist Police attitudes failing to protect her!

She is more worried about what her new neighbours might think, having seen a Police Car in her driveway. I guess that would be the reason for the multiple columns, her way of letting her neighbours know that she didn’t do anything wrong, that she is middle class.

You know what Ms Scherer, I have two kids, work and come from a much lower class neighbourhood in West Auckland. I was never asked to leave anywhere, much less the Museum for my kids tantrums, I’ve also never had the Police turn up. Maybe you should look into fixing your kid’s self entitlement issues and let the Police be the judges of which jobs they attend. Just because you are a middle class working Mother, doesn’t exempt you from scrutiny or the law!


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