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Playing with Fire because I am bored

Posted by pauaprincess on August 15, 2007

It’s the end of winter and although the saying goes that it’s always darkest before the dawn, I perversely find that it’s always colder, the closer you get to spring.  I’m feeling cold, damp and stifled!

This being the case, our meals of late have been hearty and warming stews and the like.  But as the winter has drawn on, I’m getting a little sick of them, I swear if I see another spaghetti bolognaise I’ll hurl!  This general boredom has lead me to experiment.  I’ve been playing with Thai flavours, green curries and cocoanut cream, I’ve even stepped away from the safety of pre mixed curry powders this year.  Mixing my own with cumin, paprika, coriander and tumeric, utilising fresh ginger and garlic to add to the fragrance and taste. 

My Pipi’s are in general pretty good about my experimenting with their main meal.  The princeling in particular, he’s very sensitive to his mother’s feelings to the point where I could feed him dog food and if he thought I’d made it, he’d eat it and proclaim it the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted.  He’ll make some woman a fine husband.  The Pipi Princess is a slightly different kettle of fish, she loudly and strongly protests about everything I plan to cook for dinner, the only way I can get her to eat anything is to tell her it has mushrooms in it, even if it doesn’t.  This works even better if someone else plays along and says they’ve found a mushroom in their dinner and pretends to eat it.  My long suffering Prince, though a fan of fairly simple fair, is learning to enjoy flavours his parents never bothered him with and even manages to be encouraging about the meals that don’t quite turn out so well.

I came across a wonderful recipe for butter chicken soup which I made the other night with great success.  It didn’t fulfil it’s butter chicken promise, tasting nothing like the real thing, but it was delicious, served with some fresh Naan bread I procured from the local Indian Takeaway, although the nice lady behind the counter clearly believed me to be nuts for merely purchasing bread.  I don’t have the facilities to make my own, nor do I have the time and the stuff you get at the supermarket just isn’t the same.  Anyway, the soup is very hearty and warming, even the Prince who staunchly believes soup is an appetiser not a main course, was satisfied with it’s tomatoey/chickeny goodness.

Now I know it doesn’t get as cold in Auckland as it does elsewhere in winter, but we’ve had the odd frost and it did get down to -4C at one point last month for a night and it does rain a lot here.  I haven’t managed to get out and about with my camera because in a previous life I was a cat and I have an intense dislike for getting wet or being even the slightest bit uncomfortable.  I am currently experiencing cabin fever as a result.  I want desperately to be creative but I just can’t bring myself to actually go out in the weather.  Pathetic really.  I can’t even really be bothered trying studio type shots at home because I am far more comfortable, curled up in my rocking chair with a blankie.

Anyway the current desperation to unleash my creativity in complete comfort has resulted in a couple of crocheted ponchos.  One is finished and the other is nearly there.  Using a massive 10mm hook and thick wool.  I will post photo’s as soon as I manage to get the laptop with photoshop on it back.  The Prince has borrowed it and left it at work. Curse him!  I intend to make myself a proper blankie for snuggling in my chair, but I have yet to find the perfect wool in the exact shade I want, after all, that would entail leaving the house!


6 Responses to “Playing with Fire because I am bored”

  1. Bella said

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Cute post, thank you for sharing. Good for you on the crochets ponchos (I’m impressed) and good luck on finding the right yarn for your blankie 🙂

  2. Thanks 🙂 I am sure I will know the right wool when I find it, only then it will be summer and too hot to sit under layers of wool becoming a blanket lol.

  3. blored said

    At least winters in Auckland are a lot warmer than winters in Canada.


  4. Oh much warmer but not nearly as pretty!

  5. Kelly said

    That actually sounds like a super yummy soup! Well done you for making your own spice mixes too….. I’m a lazy one on that front!

    Hey I have some wool from my MIL – loads of it in fact…. I might be able to help out with some supplies…

  6. It was a super yummy soup and not hard to make at all, put the chicken in the fridge marinating in the morning and by the time the kids get home from school, you can have it bubbling on the stove. Wool sounds great, maybe we could work out a trade? Although I have nothing scrapbookish at all but maybe I could assemble some of your mils wool into a throw or a blankie for you and send it back? I’m not good enough at crochet or knitting to make much beyond scarfs, blankets and poncho’s yet lol.

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