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Week end, Boobs, Cups, Cats and Dogs

Posted by pauaprincess on August 19, 2007

Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard is having his yearly war on the Boobs on Bikes Parade.  Mayor Dick finds the parade of topless female models on motorbikes “morally repugnant”.  Boobs on bikes is the forerunner to the Erotica Expo at the Auckland Showgrounds next week.  Last year Mayor Dick tried to get the Police to halt the parade, alas for Mayor Dick it’s not against the law in New Zealand to show naked boobies in a public place so the only role Police played was to halt traffic for the parade.  He’s determined to find a way to stop it next year tho!  I reckon anyone who calls himself Dick has a bit of a cheek getting high and mighty over boobs, but there ya go.  In the context of advertising the Erotica Expo, it seems perfectly acceptable to me and nobody with an ounce of sense goes to the City anymore anyway. There’s nowhere to park that you don’t have to sell your firstborn to afford for a start.  If Our Dick put as much energy into lowering land rates (taxes) in Auckland City as he does into banning bare boobs from the city limits, he’d be a shoe in for the next election.  I wonder if he feels that topless males flashing their man boobs is as offensive as he finds the female kind?

Meanwhile, feel for the poor AB’s with a ban on nookie during the Rugby World Cup.  Oh come on, I thought that idea went out with the ark!  So you’re in France with your significant other and you have to stay on another floor of the hotel?

A woman in Wanganui nearly found herself arrested for taking a paper cup at the movies!  Long story short, she wanted some water and was told she’d have to purchase bottled water from the concession stand or buy a paper cup for the price of a soft drink.  She objected and took the cup after her offer to pay .20c was spurned.  Storm in a paper cup? You be the judge.

Constable Kayne Cording has a new Police Dog named Yoda.  Young Yoda is already showing signs of being every bit the dog Enzo was and what’s more, they share pedigree.

max1 In a better cat story than last weeks Tiddles and bird, a prominent Auckland doctor faces charges for abandoning a cat.  Max the cat went missing from his Westmere home.  His upset owner put up posters all over the suburb and received an anonymous note advising her that Max had been pillaging the authors home and beating up his cat, so the author captured him and took him overseas and dumped him, thinking he was a stray…. well to Aucklands North Shore which is technically over the sea. 

Max was eventually located in Northcote and returned to his owner.  The mysterious cat napper turns out to be Dr Peter Parkinson, and he tells us why he catnapped Max and abandoned him to an uncertain fate across the harbour. 

Sorry Dr, no sympathy here, if you didn’t want Max raiding your pussycat’s bowl, perhaps you should have just locked your catflap!   Besides, Max doesn’t look anything like a stray to me!  He weighs 5kg for goodness sakes!  Strays tend to be on the somewhat thinner side and as a person who dealt with street kids, I would expect the good Dr to know that.

Shame on Dr Parkinson for being a callous catnapper and shame on Max for not being a better guest I say!

Yes, that’s another bizarro week gone in Aotearoa!


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