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Is this what we’ve come to?

Posted by pauaprincess on August 21, 2007

I found this in the Herald, apparently it’s been a hot topic on talk back radio.  Australian Labour Party leader Kevin Rudd has admitted to going to a strip club whilst in New York.  Not to be outdone, John Key, National Party Leader here in NZ admits he went to one years ago…. SO?  Aunty Helen Clark doesn’t think attending strip clubs is an appropriate form of entertainment…again SO?

Seriously, who gives a toss if an MP went to a strip club years ago?  Haven’t most men on a stag night been to one?  I don’t care!  I don’t care that Aunty Helen is so uptight that she doesn’t feel it’s appropriate.  So long as the taxpayer, ie me, isn’t paying for it… I don’t bloody care!

This is not America!

We’ve got openly gay MP’s, we’ve had a transexual MP, Our PM is a woman.  We have fair racial representation, with Asian, Pacific Island and Maori MP’s.  Why should we now start judging our representatives on some American type lily white personality test?

Who cares if as students, they smoked marijuana?  As long as they aren’t doing it now although Nandoor Tanczos could have been and Sue Bradford is definitely on something because she thinks 16 yr olds should have the vote.

Who cares if they have extra marital affairs? That’s between them and their spouses.  Marriage is a commitment between two people, not 2 people and a constituency!

I’ve always found American’s and their preoccupation with their Politicians private lives hilarious, honestly nobody, nobody is that lily white and if they say they are… they’re lying.  When congress impeached Clinton, the majority of American’s could have cared less that he and Monica had a dalliance, that was Hillary’s problem to live with or not, yet the matter was pushed and pushed to the point of ridicule.  Yet they’ve let Bush completely erode their constitutional freedom and openly state that the constitution is just a piece of paper?  Who should they have been more concerned about? 

I don’t want to see politics descend into a personality contest here, where the person with the cleanest background and whitest teeth wins.  Good on John Keys for amassing a personal fortune prior to becoming a political figure.  Good on him for going to a strip club.  I don’t care about Aunty Helen’s sexual orientation or the fact she’s married to an insipid little man who lives in the background and maybe it’s just for show, if that’s what she really did, well more fool her because the majority of us couldn’t care less.

“Get a grip and concentrate on things that matter”

Oh and Aunty Helen, as a married woman, let me say “I would prefer that my Prince didn’t go to strip clubs either but you know what? I accept that they are out there and I accept that boys will be boys as the adage goes”.  As long as he isn’t leaving me home with the Pipis every Friday/Saturday night and spending the grocery money at clubs, I can live with the odd boys night out for a special occasion like a stag do.  By the same token, I expect to be able to do the same on a hens night!

Check out this and see that I am not wrong, in the main, we don’t care!

Why don’t you get a grip and concentrate on stuff that actually matters? 


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