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OH NO they Didn’t!

Posted by pauaprincess on August 21, 2007

But yes, America did!  America is trying to farm out internees from Guantanamo Bay on the rest of the world!

“In 2005 and early 2006, New Zealand declined several requests from the United States to resettle Guantanamo Bay detainees as refugees in New Zealand,” Department of Labour refugee services director Kevin Third said yesterday in a statement.”

That has to be a joke right? NO!  Apparently American Officials pressed Canada on 3 separate occasions in 2005 and again in 2006, to take on 22 refugees sold to them by bounty hunters after 9/11 as it would be too dangerous to send them home.  5 were successfully settled in Albania and the remaining 17 are still being held and in isolation for 22 hours a day. So America continues to try elsewhere.

This is SO NOT OUR PROBLEM!  America created this issue, so here’s a thought, how about America keeps them!

Why should countries like Canada and New Zealand, who incidently didn’t join the coalition to invade Iraq, who have publically disagreed with America’s stance on internees at Guantanamo and America’s treatment of said Internees, take on America’s public relations nightmare?

If these men are not terrorists and are innocent victims of America’s illegal capture of them, the least America can do is resettle them and any outstanding family they may have been ripped apart from, in America and give them a chance to lead a good life.  America OWES them big time!

Of all the arrogant and ignorant things in the world to do!  And they wonder why we dislike the Bush Administration so much?  Sadly this is typical of a corrupt and thoughtless institution.  Personally, I think Bush jnr should have to settle them on his farm in Crawford and provide them with jobs and income.  He and his administration captured them illegally, held them illegally and now they are dumping them wherever they can to rid themselves of the problem they created.  How long till they start doing that illegally too?

It’s also sadly typical of the Bush Administrations inability to think past the ends of their noses.


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