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On the subject of National Anthems

Posted by pauaprincess on August 22, 2007

Apparently the Aussies have butchered God Defend New Zealand again.  I care only because they would have full on conniptions if we did the same to Advance Australia Fair and not allow our apples in or something…Oh wait, they already do that.

Seriously though, God Defend New Zealand is a dreadful dirge.  There’s nothing honourable or uplifting about begging God to defend us and why must they consistently play it in a key only dogs can hear and soprano’s can reach?  99% of us can’t reach the notes and it just sounds dreadful and disorganised when we all sing along.  That isn’t how it’s meant to be surely? We aren’t all Hayley Westenra unfortunately, she can almost make it sound good but even her incredible voice can’t liven it up and make it something inspiring…

Back in 1990 or 91, when we had the Commonwealth games, there was a song called New Zealand Kanga tutu ru or something similar, it had meaningful words about leaving the country to travel or live but it always being home, had a haka in the background and lots of guitar riffs.  Now THAT was an anthem!  Everyone could sing along. 

Maybe we should just scrap it and let Tim and Neil Finn write us a new anthem for the common folk?  Maybe we should just adopt Dave Dobbyn’s “Loyal” as our Anthem?  I don’t know.

All I do know is that I am sick of God Defend New Zealand, in English or Maori.

Now, about the flag…..


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