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The Ultimate Brat?

Posted by pauaprincess on August 24, 2007

0,,5622347,00 An expelled 11 year old boy in Australia caused his ex primary school to be locked down, for the safety of the students and staff on Wednesday afternoon. Adam and his brother were riding their bikes on land adjacent to Whittingdon School near Geelong before home time.

“I came to pick up my sister, and they rang the dirty f—ing cops on us,” he said.
“It’s crap, all the teachers are weak. I bash them all.”

Adam’s mother Kelly defended her son.  She said Adam had refused to attend another school since he was expelled from Whittington last year.

I’m sorry?  Did I read that right?  Her 11 year old son refused to attend another school after he was expelled?  Who is the adult in that relationship? What Mother worth her salt, allows an 11 year old child to dictate whether he will or won’t be going to school? 

The Princeling turns 11 next week and let me tell you, if he got expelled, he wouldn’t be exercising any options, let alone one to not go to school at all!  He’d also be hardpressed to get any sort of defense for his behavior from me!

 Correct me if I am wrong, but it’s against the law in Australia, as it is in most countries, for minors to not be enrolled at a school.  It’s also against the law for unsupervised minors to roam the countryside, during school hours.

So what’s the go here?  Kelly has two other children at the school, she says  “there are students at the school calling her a whore and a junkie, and the teachers don’t do nothing to them”.  She also tells us Adam has a learning disorder, when he gets excited, he just goes off.

Here we go, Adam is a victim, the other kids pick on him and he has a learning disorder.  We should all feel bad for Adam because, it’s not his fault.  Damn straight it’s not his fault.  It’s his mothers!

There are agencies available in Australia to assist the learning disabled, what opportunities is Kelly availing him of?  Is she down at centrelink fighting for the funding he is no doubt eligible for?  If he isn’t going to school, what is Kelly doing to ensure he has an education?  Has Kelly had Adam referred to counselors to learn to control his behaviors? Does he have medications? Is he getting them?  Are social services involved?  And what about that attitude? I bet he didn’t learn that at school.  Before he was expelled there would have been meetings etc, schools in NZ and I am sure Australia seeing as our education systems are quite similar have excellent reading, writing and mathematical recovery programs, I bet he wasn’t just plonked in a classroom to vegetate until he was expelled.

I know kids with learning disorders, the ones with committed parents don’t have these sorts of issues, they discipline their children, they avail their children of every possible opportunity to afford them an education for later life, to learn to control anti social behaviors and they work with educators and other agencies to ensure their kids grow up to be socially acceptable human beings with a future.  What is Kelly doing? Or is it just too hard for her?

This child is a prime candidate to join a gang and become a criminal.  11 years old with no respect whatsoever for authority, not the authority of the school or the authority of the law.  I feel sorry for this child only because he is on the fast track to nowhere.


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