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Silence is killing our children worldwide

Posted by pauaprincess on August 25, 2007

It was silence that killed Nia Glassie in Rotorua and silence that killed Rhys Jones half a world away in England. The silence of those who witness violence, be it child abuse, gang violence, domestic violence, makes us all complicit in the crimes perpetrated against these victims and many others. It’s all very well to demonstrate, to cry and lament a young life cut short, but what are we going to do about it?

rhys_201641d Rhys Jones was shot three times in the back of the neck this week, following a football game in a pub carpark and died in his mother’s arms. His death is thought to be a result of an ongoing gang war between the Croxteth Crew and the Strand Crew, two rival youth gangs in Croxteth, Merseyside.

It’s the silence of adults and youths who have failed to come forward and help Police put an end to this violence earlier, for fear of attracting the unwanted attention of the gangs, that have ultimately killed this child. Shootings, drug dealing, intentional damage and disorder, all ignored for the sake of personal peace and safety. Now an 11 year old boy is dead. What began as a school yard rivalry between two groups, has escalated to this point. Even now, as Rhys’ mother pleads through her tears, for someone to come forward to name the killer of her son, the Police battle a wall of silence. The community is angry and blames the areas gun and gang culture, but nobody is stepping forward to end it. The silence is deafening. Yet speaking up, loud and often, could have ended it years ago.

How proud that killer must be of himself. If he was worth anything whatsoever, he’d hand himself in!

It’s not just America, England, New Zealand. This youth gang culture that began in LA is pervading the Western World. Youths film their violent and criminal activities on mobile phones and post them on Youtube for other youths to see. Youtube removes some, but it takes a tragedy. Bebo, blogspot etc allow gang members to create blogs, with gang colours and content inciting violence. All complicit in their silence, claiming an inability to police what is posted and a distinct aversion to censoring what children can post, a distinct aversion to taking responsibility to what is on their own servers.

These youths will grow up to become abusers, criminals and addicts and to inflict their aberrant behavior on the next generation.

Nia Glassie, Ngatikaura Ngati and scores of child victims of adult abuse, die on a daily basis. Neighbours must hear their cries! Family members probably witnessed the abuse. Nobody speaks up, for fear of retribution or causing family friction. How proud those killers must be, they killed defenseless children.

While we are silent, in fear of retribution or to avoid conflict, children are dying.

When it happens, we are outraged. Why didn’t the Police do something? What about social services? Why doesn’t someone else say something? Why didn’t the jury convict them of murder? We constantly look to someone else, to fix the problem.

It’s time to stand up and be counted, it’s time to put ourselves out there and on the line. We have to speak up against child abusers, against gangs. And we have to start looking out for each other. We need to become involved. It’s not good enough to make a call to 911/111/999 or 000 and make a telephone report expecting overburdened Police forces to fix the issue, we have to be prepared to stand up in court. We need to take action and stop looking to someone else to do it for us.

It’s time for adults to stand up and be counted, to set their children a good example and to speak up.

Yes, I saw it! Yes I recognise that security camera picture! Yes I heard something! Yes, I will swear to it, I will stand up and be counted! Yes I am afraid, but I can and will make a difference! It’s time to stop the violence, it’s time to stop the killing!

What will you do? Will you allow your silence to kill another child?


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