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Police Pursuits

Posted by pauaprincess on August 27, 2007

An independent enquiry into Australian Capital Police pursuit policy has recommended that car theft is not a good enough reason to initiate a vehicular Pursuit. The enquiry follows the death of Clea Rose, who was killed a two years ago by offenders in a stolen vehicle.

Police pursuits world wide are under scrutiny as a result of injury and death of innocent victims, bystanders. In New Zealand the death of Luke Wooster this month and a 14 year old school boy Farhat Buksh injured as a result of a lamp post falling on him when a Police car crashed during a pursuit, has prompted another enquiry into Police pursuit policy.

When it happens, the headlines always scream, Teen killed in Police Chase, or something similar. You will never read a headline stating Teen without licence crashes into wall running from Police. You’ll never read a headline that states Druggy Driver kills himself and Pedestrian because he’s a selfish, brainless twat! It’s always a headline that gives the impression that law enforcement should be blamed. Why?

Why aren’t we putting the blame where it belongs? We have Land Transport sponsered ad’s that say if you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot, ads that say friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Why don’t we have the same ads stating, if you don’t stop for red and blues, you’re a selfish tosser? Why aren’t we putting the blame firmly where it belongs? On the idiot who didn’t stop for Police! Who’s to say that stolen car doesn’t contain, oh I dunno, a rapist? A home invader? A murderer fleeing the scene?

Do you want Police to catch criminals or not?

Running from the Police is a crime. People who run from the Police are criminals. It’s that simple people!

A few years ago in Auckland, a foot chase resulted in an offender running out into traffic on a busy South Auckland road where he was hit and killed by a the driver of a vehicle innocently going about their business. Are we going to stop Police chasing offenders at all? Maybe we should just tell the Police not to bother catching offenders, they might get hurt in jail after all! Every time something happens, you can bet some bleeding heart politician will initiate an enquiry to further hamper the role of the Police. Sure it’s a terrible thing that someone has been killed, it’s a tragedy but please put the blame on the idiot behind the wheel.

We want to live in safe communities, we want less crime, we want to walk the streets in safety at any time, day or night. Yet we hamper the Police at every turn, from doing the job we want them to do?

I just don’t get it?

We’ll ring an emergency number and report a crime, but we want to be anonymous, we won’t stay on the line and answer the operators questions, oh no we rail and yell at them because a Police car didn’t appear the instant we asked for it. We’ll complain that Police gave us a speeding ticket and talk about how they should be out catching burglars. But we won’t go out of our way to help them to do it, that’s their job!

Hell I wouldn’t be a cop if ya paid me. It’s got to be the most thankless and overly scrutinized job in the world. Damned if they do and Damned if they don’t. Cops can’t win.

So will the review in New Zealand recommend Police don’t chase stolen cars? Should we change the siren to a voice pleading for the driver to stop?

All criminals will have to do, is drive a stolen car and not stop, Police won’t ever catch them, no matter what else they’ve done!


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