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Riotous Scarfies Blame Police for behavior

Posted by pauaprincess on August 27, 2007

319742 Following the undie 500 car race, violence erupted in the Dunedin student district as hundreds of young people went on the rampage, pelting Police with bottles and setting fire to couches, mattresses and vehicles.  69 people were arrested on alcohol related offences, 24 of which were students from the University of Canterbury, 30 were students from Otago University and 15 were non students.  The fire brigade extinguished more than 70 fires.

The trouble started when students set a fire on Castle street, they were pelted with bottles as they extinguished the blaze.  Police had to call in reinforcements from out of area to stop the rampage, which lasted until 11pm.

Students blame Police.  Student spokespersons state Police brought the violence on themselves, turning up in riot gear to move 2000 odd students.  I don’t know a thing about Police numbers in Otago but I know in Auckland the Police would have been vastly outnumbered.  They are vastly outnumbered at parties containing 200 odd people. 

Oh come on!  These are our future best and brightest.  Our future judges, lawyers, doctors, politicians etc, and they blame Police because they spent the day drinking and partying?  They blame the Police for turning up with protective gear, outnumbered to prevent them setting fires and throwing bottles at firemen? Riot gear consists of a sheild, a helmet and a baton.  Maybe they should have turned up with rubber bullets like they do in America and Europe and just opened fire?

It doesn’t say much for our future does it?

While the student district in Dunedin is named for the number of students living in the area, people who aren’t students live there too.  They have the right to a peaceful existence, just like everyone else.

Thousands of dollars worth of damage have been done, thousands of dollars of resources have been spent by way of firefighting and Police personnel attending to a bunch of self entitled, yobbos with an education who think they are above the law and refuse to admit responsibility.  It isn’t acceptable to become paralytic drunk, make horrendous amounts of noise, light fires and then throw bottles at the attending firefighters.  It just isn’t.  It isn’t acceptable in Dunedin, Auckland, Sydney, London or anywhere for that matter.  If these students can not see that in the clear light of day, well what hope is there?

Dunedin’s Mayor Peter Chin has expressed a hope that those arrested will not be allowed Police Diversion for their offences.  I have to agree with him.  Diversion is usually awarded to non serious, escapades committed by those over 18 and means they will not spend the remainder of their lives with a conviction as a result of youthful indiscretion.  Most employers insist on declarations of convictions.

Mr Chin said there was a difference between having fun and creating mayhem.

Entirely true.  One doesn’t need to set cars on fire and pelt Police with bottles to have fun.  Ask any responsible person.

As to the students, for God’s sake grow up and accept you were wrong, You aren’t doing anyone any favours by denying culpability.  Do you seriously think the Police were sitting around the station at Dunedin Central and wondering what they could do with their evening to have a little excitement, when a young constable in the corner said, “hey I heard the scarfies were having a do, why don’t we drop in?”  Then the Sargeant said “well dropping in won’t be enough, lets take the riot gear and dust it off! Lets have some real fun!”. 

Like the Tui’s ad says… Yeah right!


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