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Senator Larry Craigs public restroom adventure

Posted by pauaprincess on August 31, 2007

 larrycraigmug4 US Senator for Idaho Larry Craig was arrested in June at a Minnesota Airport and plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of lewd conduct, in order to make it go away.  He says he did nothing wrong. Wouldn’t it be perjury to plead guilty in court to a charge you believe you are innocent of?

I’m sorry Senator, but when you have to drag out the “little woman”to hold your hand whilst you inform the assembled cadre of press, that you are NOT gay, it just comes off looking stupid and makes people wonder just how foolish you believe them to be.  Methinks he doth protest too much!

Let’s look at what happened.  All related documentation thanks to the smoking gun.

Ok, first of all he’s looking through a crack in the door into an occupied stall.  Now I don’t know about guys, but to us girls, peeking into occupied stalls thought of as ummm rude to say the least and weird to state the obvious.

Then he goes into the stall beside the cops stall after waiting for it to free up.  He puts his bag against the gap at the front.  I know men aren’t necessarily used to carrying their worldly goods in a bag, but that doesn’t seem to be very security conscious to the average woman who generally keeps her bag as close to her as possible, putting a bag at the gap under the door, well that’s an invitation to bag snatchers.

So safely ensconced in his stall, the good Senator begins to play footsies with the cop in the stall next door and waving his hand under the stall wall, without the accompanying request for tp that would indicate that he had legitimate reasons for doing so.

According to the Senator, he has a wide stance when sitting on the toilet and he was trying to pick up a (non existent) piece of paper. 

Weird much?  You BET!

I think we can all agree the Senator has some experience with the alternative and illegal uses of public restrooms.  Where I come from we call people who indulge in that sort of behavior in public restrooms, bog queens.

Does it matter that much if a politician is gay?

No, in my opinion, no but then I come from a country that not only has gay politicians, we’ve had a transexual politician in parliament.  What would be the turnoff to voters here, is the fact it appears the man is living a lie.


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