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My weekly wrap up rant

Posted by pauaprincess on September 2, 2007

There’s a song by Queen, my favorite group of all time that seems to fit my mood currently; politically, socially and personally.  It’s called “let me live”

“Why don’t you take another little piece of my soul
  Why don’t you shape it and shake it ’till you’re really in control
  All you do is take
  And all I do is give
  All that I’m askin’
  Is a chance to live
 (So let me live) – so let me live
 (Leave me alone) – let me live, let me live
 Why don’t you let me make a brand new start”

I want to be left alone to do my thing.  I’m happy to be a law abiding citizen, but I’m sick of being part of a social experiment. 

Let’s face it, I could get run over by a bus tomorrow and although I am happy to check out the recommendations by professionals, what I eat, how I bring up my children and how I choose to live are my personal choices to make.

Just because society is becoming fatter, doesn’t mean I am!  Just because some people abuse their children, doesn’t mean I do! 

I weigh 50kg soaking wet, my bmi is excellent, if I want to consume butter, eggs, red meat and cheese damn it, I can!  I don’t need some interfering bore telling me it’s poison.  I make informed choices and quite frankly what’s on my plate is none of their business.  I don’t poke my nose into your tofu and bean sprouts, leave my steak and mushrooms alone!

My kids and healthy and happy, bar the general angst of childhood.  I’ve successfully raised them to this point without the help of the Government or anyone bar their father. 

If my 5 year old Princess is having a tantrum in the supermarket, I’m dealing with it and I don’t want your helpful suggestion that a swift kick up the rear would sort her out.  Piss off and let me get on with it, you’re only slowing me up.  You don’t know or understand her, you are seeing 1/60th of her day.  I’m her mother and I know how to motivate her.  You think I like this and I am not embarrassed by her behavior?  If I did give her a kick up the arse, how many people do you think would be calling the cops on their cell phones telling them I’m abusing her?  Do you not realise the position I am in thanks to you and people like you?

If my Princeling wants to wear ripped jeans, no socks and grow his hair, I can let him do that, it’s not a big deal.  I’m not too stupid or poor to dress him decently or get him a haircut, he dresses himself and although ripped jeans are not my cup of tea, it’s just a stage and it could be a lot worse.  The Princess chooses to go barefoot, I can tell her about hot pavements, stones, glass and bee stings till I am blue in the face, I send her to school with shoes on her feet, she takes them off as soon as she is at school ok?  Part of being a parent is picking your battles and I will be the one to choose which hill I die on, thank you!  No child ever died from long hair, ripped jeans or bare feet, I prefer to battle over real issues of safety, that way when I speak, my pipi’s take heed.

The Government can piss off too, I don’t need to be told through simplistic traffic lights how to feed my children, what I choose to put in their lunch boxes is none of your damned business, who are the Ministry of Education to tell me I can’t reward my children with a couple of chocolate chip cookies, along with their thermos of tomato soup, toast and 2 pieces of fruit as part of their daily intake?  My children have ideal body weights for their age and height, go talk to the parents of the fat kids and quit trying to be politically correct with blanket bans.

Oh and school, let me tell you something, getting rid of rubbish bins completely is not being ecologically friendly, it’s just shifting the problem of litter from you to me.  What’s more, you send home a virtual forest of paper with my children on a weekly basis, do you have shares in Carter Holt Harvey or something?  I signed up to receive news from the school electronically to help the environment, you discontinued the electronic newsletters and now you want to ban lunch wrappers? Quit the paper deluge from your end and I will quit wrapping sandwiches in cling film to keep them fresh and edible, my kids can eat dried out sandwiches if you will stop the flyers!  Deal?  And that reminds me, I wanted to reuse my Princess’ stationery from the one term she spent at school last year, you made me purchase an entirely new set and you wouldn’t provide me with a list of required stationery when I requested it.  I realise you get a kickback from the suppliers but I want to know what I am purchasing and as a consumer I believe that is my right!

So let me live and leave me alone to do what I do, the best way I can!  I’m human, I’m fallible.


2 Responses to “My weekly wrap up rant”

  1. panoramia said

    I wish I’d written that!

  2. LOL I wish I’d written your piece on milk! That my friend was genius!

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