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All the cats I’ve loved

Posted by pauaprincess on September 5, 2007

Before I became a true westie chick, we lived in Mt Albert, city west.  We had a big old villa that backed onto the railway tracks.  We had a lot of fun there, a large 4 bedroom villa, 5 kids and a park just down the road.  We had adventures rock climbing in the park, built a hut that leaked like a sieve, climbed trees, rode bikes and caught feral cats.

Yes, we caught feral cats and rehabilitated them.  People dumped cats alongside the railway tracks I think, either that or they dumped them in the park and they made their way up to the relative wilderness of the rail corridor.  The people next door fed them, they didn’t have any cats per se, but they spent money feeding the wild cats.

We named the principle characters, there was Mother Cat a white cat with small patches of black and ginger, who always had a parade of kittens following her and Evil Eye a female black and white cat with penetrating yellow eyes, she was old her black fur was rusty brown.  There were some that came and went, I can’t remember them all now, Mother Cat and Evil Eye were fixtures and leading matriarchs of the colony.  

The older cats were willing to take food but completely beyond rehabilitation, they did seem to understand we were helping out their kittens.  We’d don Dad’s leather welding gloves and catch them as they went under the house, they’d emerge scratching and spitting trying to rip our hands off or we tempt them into our kitchen with food and slam shut the door, then catch them scratching and spitting inside. 

Then we’d keep them housed together in the laundry, in a very large breeding cage Dad got from somewhere and we’d slowly win their trust. We’d offer them treats till they took food from our hands, then we’d attempt to stroke them.  Once they’d allow us to touch them, we’d work on picking them up.  When they would come to a name, allow us to pick them up and hold them, pet them and love them, we’d somewhat sadly find them homes.  Dad said we couldn’t keep them all, much as he wanted to.  We were allowed to keep some though.

One year we spotted a hurt older cat, his tail ripped in half, badly infected and he was weak enough for us to catch him after a couple of goes.  We took him to the vet who amputated his tail and kept him for a few days on antibiotics.  Then we brought him home and started the taming process.  I don’t know if it was because we made him better or because he liked his new life, but he submitted slowly to our attentions.  We found him a home with some people who thought having a tail less cat was a privilege and he lived to a ripe old age.

By the time we moved from there we had 4 formerly wild cats of our own.  Bubbles the eldest a grey and white former tom cat who was a bit thick, he was one of Mother Cats.  Smurfy, a black and white former tom cat who more than made up for Bubbles lack of intelligence, his mother was evil eye.  Ragamuffin, born of a different litter the same year as Smurfy, she never quite tamed completely she was very timid and Smurfy’s girlfriend.  They had a litter together before Rags and Smurfy were fixed, of that litter we kept Rastus a ginger former tom, fighter and complete Mummy’s boy.  Of course we’d had others but cats lives being somewhat shorter than humans, some of them had died. 

Like Dusty/Paddington, a cat whose name could not be agreed upon, he vanished and despite our combing the neighborhood we were never able to locate him.

Paddington, brother to Bubbles who inherited all the brains in the litter, pure black with yellow eyes wise beyond belief, he vanished too but was located deceased by a neighbor. 

Nicky who was a grey tabby, caught a bird and died as a result of the bird having eaten poisoned grass seed according to the vet who did the autopsy when Nick died in his care. 

Newsprint, who had to be put down due to feline aids, Newsy was found as a kitten about a week old, wet and initially believed to be dead, we sadly put him on some newspaper in preparation to bury him, he suddenly moved as the hole was being dug, scaring the crap out of my brother and I.  A foster mother was found and he survived, only to be cut down by feline aids in his prime.

When I left home and moved into apartments I wasn’t allowed pets.  Having grown up with at least one cat as a permanent fixture I was very lonely. 

Now I have Cassie, she has been a part of my life for the past 13 or so years, a gift from the Prince for my birthday one year.  She’s a ginger, brown and black calico.  Cassie is a one person cat and a single cat household cat.  Cassie simply won’t allow any other cat to live here, dogs she can put up with, but not other cats.  I found this out when I adopted a cat from a friend who’s cat had kittens, Cass stopped coming inside and made her displeasure known by beating the crap out of the new kitten everytime she ventured outdoors.  I eventually gave the kitten to some uni students who lived up the top of our driveway to appease Cass.  I haven’t tried again.  Cass despises the Prince and the Pipi’s, she won’t even take food from them, if they approach her she bolts and if they try and pat her while she sits on my lap, she stiffens and her tail flicks back and forth in irritation.

Cass meets my car at the end of shift, follows me inside and curls up in my lap when I sit.  She sneaks into our bed on cold winter nights, coming all the way around the bed to my side to get in and curl up at my knees.  I don’t know if she’s mine or I am hers.


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