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Comparing babies with monkeys

Posted by pauaprincess on September 7, 2007

As a mother, I’ve never found it necessary to compare my child to an ape, my husband yes sometimes, my children errr not yet although I’m sure as the pipis evolve into teenagers I’ll be driven in that direction.  However if you have sat around one evening with nothing better to do than anxiously ponder whether or not your child is smarter cheetah from Tarzan, here is your answer.

Of course if you feel a need to ponder that particular question…. well need I say more?

You can relax, that socially uninhibited baboon jerking itself off at the zoo is not smarter than your toddler according to scientific study.  I don’t know about the rest of humanity but I am completely under whelmed by this information.  For a start its about social learning and tests included giving a child and a chimp a tube containing food,

The children observed and imitated the solution. Chimpanzees and orangutans, however, tried to smash open the tube or yank out the contents with their teeth.

Clearly these supposedly brilliant scientists started at the wrong end of the age scale, ever seen a guy watching a sporting event get into a tube of Pringles? 

The study should have been comparing post pubescent humans to post pubescent apes, to see which had the superior social skills.  I can imagine the apes winning hands down over some of the supposed adults I’ve encountered over the years.

The researchers found that the children were far more advanced than the chimps and orangutans in understanding nonverbal communications, copying another person’s solution to a problem and understanding the intentions of others.

From that statement, I think we can safely theorize that a certain faction of society actually devolves.  How many times have you faced a blank faced teen who can’t comprehend the solution to a problem when it’s spelled out to them, let alone imitate the solution? What about the people who tear open flat pack furniture and promptly throw out the assembly instructions?  How many times have you glared silently at your spouse only to have them say ‘whhhaaaaaaaaaat? What have I done now?”

I’m looking forward to the findings of the follow up study, is a gorilla smarter than the average joe!


One Response to “Comparing babies with monkeys”

  1. panoramia said

    My own solution to the Pringles problem involved ballistics, the Universal Gas Equation, thermodynamics, conservation of energy and deformation theory. (I whacked it in the middle, thus firing the blasted cork halfway across the room). I could then upend the tube and pour the (now powder) contents into my head without missing the show.
    Modern youth (some of) follows noitulove, which is evolution going backwards. You called that one …

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