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Retrial Ordered for Antonie Dixon

Posted by pauaprincess on September 7, 2007

r8antdixonThe Court of Appeal has today ordered a Re Trial for Antonie Dixon and quashed his convictions for the Murder of James Te Aute and a samurai sword attack on Renee Gunbie and Simonne Butler.  You can read more about that here.

Now I understand that the court of appeal makes it’s decisions based upon points of law and the instructions to the jury given by the Judge in the original case.  In this particular instance I have to ask…


The Court has suppressed the reasons for it’s decision, but state that there was a real risk that a miscarriage of justice had occurred.  I’m sorry, but that is not good enough.  If they are going to quash the convictions of a methamphetamine junkie who went on a rampage with a gun and a sword, stole a car, fired at police, cut the hand off one woman and seriously injured another before killing an innocent bystander and taking a hostage…. I think they need to give us a better explanation than that.

Reading between the lines, I’d conject this hinges on Dixon’s defense which basically claimed insanity due to the amphetamine psychosis.  Dixon’s appearance in court (see pic) only hindered that defense, with suggestions he should be nominated for an OSCAR for his performance. 

I predict this retrial will hinge upon accepting drug induced psychosis as a defense and his childhood. 

In my opinion it isn’t a defense.  Taking methamphetamine was a choice that Antonie Dixon made, knowingly.  While it’s true he could not necessarily predict the outcomes, that is the chance one takes when you choose to alter your mind chemically.  The dangers of drugs are well researched and publicized.  it’s no secret that taking drugs scrambles your brain.

Lets hope the re trial achieves the correct outcome.

Antonie Ronnie Dixon is a menace to society.  He needs to be put away for a very long time. Any other outcome would itself be a grave miscarriage of justice for the family and memory of James Te Aute.


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