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Childrens Commissioner wants Mandatory Monitoring

Posted by pauaprincess on September 9, 2007

Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro wants to make it compulsory for the caregivers/parents of every child born, to nominate a an authorised provider to monitor the progress of the family through home visits. 

If the caregivers/parents refuse to nominate a provider authorised by the Government, they will be referred to welfare agencies, to ensure each family is monitored.  Well that sounds attractive doesn’t it?  Not at all invasive, intrusive or even scary?

Apparently, 98% of families already voluntarily take up existing free support from agencies such as Plunket.  According to Dr Kiro, that is a recipe for disaster.  Excuse me if I scoff a lot.  A 98% take up rate sounds pretty damn good to me. 

What percentage of parents/caregivers abuse and kill their children? 

The Kahui Twins were under the care of social workers from Kidz First, Middlemore hospitals Pediatric unit.  It didn’t protect those babies from being shaken to death now did it?  Monitoring that family worked stunningly well!

I know I have written about my Plunket experience before.  While I support them as an agency, they weren’t for me personally.  I felt belittled and treated like an idiot instead of a well educated, intelligent human being after, amongst other things I was told how to feed my child by colour of food.  When I advised Plunket I wouldn’t be availing myself of their services any longer, I was threatened that they would tell my GP on me, oooooh colour me scared and cowed!

Under Dr Kiro’s proposed scheme I’d probably be referred to CYFS.  Judging by their performance over the years, they’d seek a care and protection order and remove my children and place them in the care of a sex offender or something equally ridiculous, while they investigated the Prince and I at their leisure.  Meanwhile my kids would be in state sanctioned peril! 

There has to be a better way to stop child abuse and death.

Instead of starting new schemes, how about fixing the existing schemes?  Instead of pouring the projected $5 million per year into a new scheme the government spend that money on CYFS for a start? 

I was told of a recent case where a child in CYFS care refused to go home from primary school with a CYFS caregiver, instead the child remained with their teacher.  At 11pm on a Friday night, the child’s CYFS caseworker requested Police assistance to uplift the child from her teachers home and return the child to the caregiver, citing the child was in danger because the home of the teacher was un assessed .  Now, in what way were the needs of the child being considered paramount in that case?  Why was this happening at 11pm in the evening? Why did the child flat out refuse to go with the caregiver and choose to remain with a teacher? Why were Police required to uplift the child?  Can you imagine how frightening that would be? As I hear it Police did not attend.

What about the recent case where 14 year old boys on a CYFS funded weekend, run by a program funded by CYFS, stole horses, guns and ran amok on the East Coast? Stealing a car and becoming involved in a Police Pursuit?

There are issues surrounding the people CYFS commend the care of children to, in recent news, CYFS have given custody of children to gang members, unsuitable family member with histories of abuse, neglect and sexually predatory behavior.  And then there’s the issue of children dying in CYFS care.

CYFS needs to be addressed and the Government needs to spend time and money doing it, in order that the public feels secure that they are doing the best thing possible for a child they suspect of being abused and do not hesitate to contact the CYFS hotline because they know their concerns will be investigated thoroughly and promptly by professionals.

Plunket and Midwives already conduct home visits for the first few months of the lives of 98% of children born in this country.  It doesn’t prevent children dying. 

We also need to address the law to assist the Police investigating and charging offenders who abuse and kill children. I’m not talking about band aid laws with regard to spanking that do nothing to help anyone.  I am talking about clear cut laws that actually allow the Police and the Justice System to punish offenders effectively.  Currently these families close ranks and refuse to cooperate with Police investigations.  This makes it difficult to impossible for Police to charge offenders with anything more than manslaughter at best.  We need to have degrees of Murder under the law and a charge of Negligent Homicide that allows for stiffer penalties for offenders.

I feel we also need to beef up the prison system, Prison is meant to be a place of punishment for those that commit crimes.  It is meant to be a deterrent to breaking the law.  Currently it would appear to be a home away from home, with flat screen tv’s, shelter and good food.  Can we not introduce the old fashioned system of hard labour for recidivist offenders and those who commit heinous crimes?

Instead of making system that is already 98% effective compulsary and further alienating the public, when there is no proof that people like me who opt out, actually abuse their children let alone kill them, the Government finds out why 2% of the population don’t take it up?  I might have remained with Plunket if they hadn’t treated me like a moron. 

How about the Government actually defines the age of a child, instead of having differing ages under law and makes all those under the age of 18 children according to law.  That they make all healthcare, dental care and assessments for special needs educationally, mentally etc readily accessible so that parents don’t have to fight so hard to get help for children with educational issues, social behavior issues etc?  So that children are guaranteed the best possible outcomes.

How about fixing existing issues before creating new ones?


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