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Wrong time, Wrong Place

Posted by pauaprincess on September 12, 2007

Saturday night’s the night for fighting, according to the old Elton John song. Last Saturday night Augustine Borrell of Papatoetoe went to a party in Hamilton street, Herne Bay.  It was a supervised party in a nice neighborhood.  Around 11.30 a group of gate crashers arrived, so the party was shut down to avoid problems.  Everyone began to leave.

Augustine was, by all accounts a “nice kid”.  He played rugby for Auckland Grammar, a school which has fielded more all blacks than most, and he boxed. He was hanging with a nice crowd, teenagers from good families, good neighborhoods and exclusive schools.  Augustine was able to attend Auckland Grammar out of zone because two of his brothers had previously attended.  Auckland Grammar is arguably one of the best single sex schools in Auckland, it’s zone catering to the exclusive suburbs and it’s students of a higher than average socio economic background.  Augustine was known there as a hardworking student, who was always smiling and never without a rugby ball in his hand.  With this kind of background no doubt his parents felt at ease about him attending a gathering in the city.

As August and his friends left the party they were confronted, a small scuffle broke out and when it was over, Augustine was on the ground dying from a single stab wound to the chest.  Police arrived quickly and began cpr until ambulance took over.  Emergency services did what they could but it was too late. 

The street was cordoned off and the homicide enquiry dubbed Operation Hamilton began.

Thankfully for Augusts grieving friends and family, an arrest has been made.  An 18 year old unemployed man from Otahuhu handed himself in to Auckland Central Police following a number of comments on his Bebo site from people who heard the rumours about him stabbing August.  It would seem had he not handed himself in, it was only a matter of time, Police were already onto the Bebo comments.  He has name suppression for now and has been charged with an additional charge stemming from an assault with a knife earlier in the evening in London St, St Mary’s Bay, just around the corner from Herne Bay.  Police believe the incident was street gang related,  A friend of the accused who picked him up from the scene stated to the media that the accused jumped into his car and said that he was going to be jumped by heap of “niggers”.(story)

Augustine is the 11th victim of street gang violence in two years.  Augustine was innocent and no party to street gangs, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At least, people are speaking up this time.

It’s time to stop the violence and take back the streets.  If we want our youth to be able to attend parties in safety without hoards of gatecrashers and without fights.  If we want to be able to walk the streets in safety.  We, the people have to take part in creating that safe environment.  We can’t just leave it to the Police to handle.

I know I don’t want my kids to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I don’t want statistics, I want children who will grow up to become parents themselves.

I’m not suggesting vigilante action, just observation and calling the Police with useful information at the right time.  Willingness to be a witness and to take a stand for the future.


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