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Harbingers of Spring

Posted by pauaprincess on September 17, 2007

My friend the Tui is still hanging around in the pohutukawa tui3a tree.  When the buds he’s currently working on are in full flower, closer to Christmas they will resemble small bottle brushes.

In addition to Mr Tui, there are a number of signs that spring is in the air.  For a start it’s rained less in the past few weeks.  The trees are all in bud, my neighbourhood was previously an orchard so there are a number of fruit trees remaining, pink peach blossoms and white apple blossoms abound.

Daffodils are beginning to flower here there and everywhere.  Ducks with their ducklings wander my neighbourhood in search of handouts and even without daylight savings, the days are lasting longer.

Then of course there are the less desirable signs.  Cats roaming around calling, the local teens doing much the same on a Friday/Saturday night, parties and the odd whiff of a bbq in the air.

I love the summer and this time of year, I am hopping from one foot to the other waiting for it to begin.  Spring gives me the hope for sunny days ahead, good times and good company.  Summer is the social season and Spring, it’s precursor.

Unfortunately I suffer during the spring pollen explosion, but it’s a small price to pay for the renewed growth of nature.  I think I would have made a wonderful pagan in a former life, I can imagine myself dancing around a fire in celebration of the coming seasons of abundance….


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