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Body found

Posted by pauaprincess on September 19, 2007

19xue-combThe body of an Asian Female has been found in a car boot outside the Xue home in Mt Roskill.  The body is as yet  unidentified formally.  Police are awaiting the Post Mortem which will be completed tomorrow, to determine cause of death.

The car was signwritten with Chinese News and is owned by Xue.  The car did not appear to have moved for some time.  Police have removed the vehicle and extended their cordon on the Xue family home to include the footpath and grass verge outside the house.  The vehicle has been pictured on television, with journalists and Police walking around it yesterday.  The vehicle was examined today as Police conducted a preliminary forensic examination of the home.pumpkin_car_232_190907

Mrs Xue’s mother, with the assistance of MP Pansy Wong is making her way to New Zealand to be reunited with her grandaughter.

Mr Xue’s missing elder daughter has made contact with NZ Police, she will be assisting with enquiries to build a profile of her father but wishes to maintain her privacy.

Mr Xue collected his passport and a confiscated sword from Henderson Police around 9.35am prior to flying to Australia.

The search for Mr Xue continues.  3 hours after abandoning his 3 year old daughter at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Railway Station, he boarded a flight to LA and thereafter disappeared. 

Somebody, somewhere must know where this man is.  We need your help to find him.

Unfortunately, the LAPD are NOT searching for Mr Xue, they claim they haven’t been asked to!!!  This is in spite of interpol’s involvement of at least Monday, when Australian Police confirmed that he’d boarded a flight to LA and that he’d come from NZ.  Interpol contacted NZ Police Monday night to initiate inquiries at the behest of the Australian Police so I very much doubt they failed to contact LAPD at the same time.

This is disgraceful.  Xue has cleverly disappeared into one of the largest cities in the world and every second the LAPD don’t follow this up, gives him a better chance to vanish into American Society.  Do American’s really want another violent killer in their midst?  Perhaps those of you living in LA could contact LAPD and ask them why they are not acting, why they are allowing a killer to live amongst you!

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