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For the want of a Warrant the killer was lost

Posted by pauaprincess on September 20, 2007

326680 LAPD have confirmed today that they are not looking for Nai Xin Xue because Interpol have not issued them with a warrant for his arrest. A warrant has not been received from the Interpol Office in Washington DC.

Seeing as Auckland Police only found the body of Anan Xue yesterday, they had no cause to issue a warrant for his arrest as they were acting on a missing person enquiry and only had suspicions of foul play. This article explains.

You have to wonder what the point is of an international policing agency that cannot based upon information received in a case reaching across two different nations, to hold a suspected offender pending the outcome of enquiries. This is how killer’s breach international borders and get away. Why have Interpol not issued a notice? Read about Interpol notices here.

If nothing else, shouldn’t Interpol have had LA Police searching for Xue to notify him his daughter had been found alone at Southern Cross railway station and find out why that was? For all they knew someone was supposed to meet her and they should have notified him that it hadn’t happened and his child was in state care! A yellow notice could have been issued by Interpol at the request of Australian Police. I’ve not heard of Interpol requiring a warrant to advise someone that their relative has died overseas, surely this could have been treated as a priority advising procedure?

Kind of makes a mockery of their statement;

As national boundaries are increasingly meaningless to criminals, effective international police communication has become more important than ever before. One of Interpol’s core functions is to enable the world’s police to exchange information securely and efficiently.
Interpol developed its global police communications system, called I-24/7, with the ambitious goal of connecting law enforcement officials in all member countries and providing them with the means to share crucial police information

The FBI has not been involved because as far as they were concerned it was not important enough, being merely an issue of child abandonment.

The fact is both Australian and NZ Police have separately issued statements to the effect they were working with Interpol to find Xue and appear to believe that Interpol has had LA Police hunting him. The NZ branch of Interpol in Wellington confirm that Auckland Police have made a request to be forwarded to Washington DC.

Perhaps the Police in NZ and Australia should have said Xue was a suspected terrorist with Al Qaeda links, he would have been picked up that way!

Meanwhile in NZ the Police are being slammed for not finding Anan Xue’s body earlier. A NZ Herald article entitled “Body under cops noses for two days” outlines the time frame. I know it takes time to go through the proper procedure to ensure all the requirements for prosecution are met, but I bet there are some detectives kicking themselves about now and nobody is going to understand this delay. Nobody. By the same token, journalists were around that vehicle too, filming it etc and none of them took a lot of interest in it. At least the vehicle was seized under warrant and towed to a secure yard, police had no keys so they had to obtain a warrant to make entry (to destroy locks) and then examine the vehicle.

Australian media has revealed Xue made threats to kill his wife previously and the NZ media have discovered Anan Xue’s blog which reveals a two month affair with a married man in Wellington, as well as a loveless and lonely life.

All efforts now, must be concentrated on finding Xue.

It seems he is a cunning man. By taking his daughter with him out of NZ and abandoning her in Australia, he ensured himself the maximum get away time possible. It took time for Australian Police to find out Qian was from NZ, then time for the NZ Police to locate her home and search for her mother, they had to try 4 different locations in two different cities just to find the current address. Xue seems to have counted on the confusion caused by law enforcement procedure spanning 3 different countries and multiple law enforcement agencies to assist him.

The world has never been a smaller place, international travel and communications being what they are, yet this man has disappeared and his current whereabouts are unknown in America.


As at 12pm NZST Interpol have confirmed they have issued a Red Notice to US law enforcement. LAPD are now actively seeking Mr Xue. A red notice means all Interpol member countries have notice of ato the warrant to arrest with a view to extradite.

Nearly 500 people have viewed this ongoing story, that’s a drop in the bucket. Pass the information on, pass on the photographs. Let’s catch this guy, he’s dangerous and he’s evil. He needs to pay for killing his wife, leaving his motherless child alone in a foreign country and fleeing. Get the word out, FIND XUE!!!

Here is another blog on the subject I will link all info to this site in order that word can get out.

Further Update as at 3.21 NZST

NZ Police have announced the formal identification has confirmed that the identity of the body found in the vehicle is that of An an Liu. Preliminary findings from the autopsy confirm that she died during a violent episode, no weapons are being sought in connection with her death. The body is believed to have been in the car since Wednesday of last week, the day before Mr Xiu and his daughter Qian left for Australia.

NZ Police have been criticised over their handling of the vehicle.

Meanwhile the FBI has come on board in the search for Mr Xiu and Interpol have issued a Red Notice and multiple California Law Enforcement agencies have joined the hunt.

According to a law enforcement source the red notice issued by Interpol is not a warrant to arrest…

“A warrant from the United States Attorney General, part of the Justice Department, would have to be issued and this would only be obtained with the backing of an Interpol warrant issued at New Zealand’s request.”

New Zealand Police have issued a warrant to arrest Mr Xiu.

Next update Here


6 Responses to “For the want of a Warrant the killer was lost”

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  2. panoramia said

    Part way into your post I had that same thought, declare him a Terrorist and they’d set all the dogs after him.

    Possible a quick change of ID in LA, then on to somewhere else as a different man? This guy is no fool.

  3. Lets hope his vanity betrays him or someone who reads this recognises him somewhere. Trouble is, if he isn’t in LAPD jurisdiction they won’t really be looking for him. Let’s hope the FBI get in on this!

  4. Eric said

    i spent the whole night setting up a forum for this poor little girl. . I did that as a father of 2 girls, as a Chinese. I hope this will help her in someway….

  5. Eric said

  6. I will add your site to my blog roll and posts.

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