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ooooooooh Hate Mail! Does that mean I’ve come of age?

Posted by pauaprincess on September 21, 2007

This was posted all over yesterday. I had to delete the comments, not because I didn’t want to respond, but because this genius couldn’t even manage to put his comments on the post he was referring to….but I’m the moron?

John Turner Says:
September 20th, 2007 at 5:05 pm
So if you third world ghetto cry-babies did their job right things might have come out different?
Pauaprincess how about you actually research the topics fully on anything you dumb w***** c*** third world ghetto sl** before opening mouth and inserting foot. The Kyoto Treaty is dead. No country is going to “meet” their obligations. So shut up sl**. Landmines, oh yeah all the Aukland state inbreds helping guard the border between the Koreas. No only the USA and South Koreans. So thanks for the help you b***h. The landmines would help save USA lives. THAT is probably why you are against them. Chemical treaty. Since only the USA is inventing most new chemicals/drugs we didn’t want them thieved from US under the UN’s noses.
ICC, oh yeah the same as the inbred belgium court that was used against two other democracies ,USA and Israel. Real fair and balanced and professional of the inbred euro-pig races. Money given to other countries. How much do you give personally wh*** inbred sl**. It is our money; we can spend it however we want or give it to whoever we want.
WWI and WWII, USA citizens just saw those as more european wars. So what. Euros were always making war on each other, so what. Why would we get involved in the first couple of years? You are why most USAers don’t listen to foreigners. Because you are almost always wrong. Your facts have a hint of truth, a lot of lies and o appreciation for the USA position. So give US your real name and address so we can “meet” in person and “discuss” this ‘problem” of your stupidity.

Now please excuse Mr Turner’s language, apparently he suffers from Tourette’s syndrome so I’ve cleaned it up a little. Let’s be kind shall we? Let’s see if we can pick out what he is saying amongst the substandard abuse.

My research, well it would seem to be a lot more comprehensive than anything you’ve actually presented, I don’t see anything in your statement that passes for research, even your insults are unimaginative, not to mention repetitive. Maybe I have a foot in my mouth but it’s better than having my head up my rectum which is precisely where yours is dingle berry (look it up).

Auckland, and that would be spelt with a ‘c’ is not, nor has it ever been, a state. It’s a city of over a million people in a country that is far from ghetto, though I suppose you’d be hard pressed to imagine that, go and google its economic and social ranking in the world, last time I checked our standard of living was, equal to if not better than yours in the USA. If you weren’t such a geographically challenged drop kick, you’d know that.

The land mines referred to are from War’s long past and wars that didn’t even involve America (hard to believe but true) people are maimed by them daily, perhaps if you lost a leg to one you’d think a little differently. Clearly you’ve already lost another part of your anatomy to something, a woman perhaps? Is life as a eunuch that frustrating for you? Have you considered counseling?

US citizens saw WW1 and WW2 as just European Wars, don’t think so. It was more an investment opportunity. War Profiteering is generally illegal and most definitely immoral but apparently if you study US history, it’s helping them out, even when you’re still collecting money from them 50 years later. WW2 helped the USA shake off the depression and America was assisting the Chinese by blockading the Japanese an Axis country, you want to explain that? Or do you sincerely believe Japan is in Europe?

An international court by its very name can hardly be described as inbred… unlike yourself. What colour is the sky in the trailer park where you live?

I’ve got to say, I’ve never heard of citizens of the USA described as USAers. Not by the most illiterate New Zealander. Which says an awful lot about you really.

To the rest of us in the world, you are foreigners. You see the word foreigner means someone not of ones country, ergo you are a foreigner too.

We aren’t the ones currently embroiled in a war of our own making that we cannot extricate ourselves from, for the second time in our history. But delude yourself by all means, yep we are the ones that are wrong.

You want the rest of us to consider the American position, how about for a change, you consider ours? Or anyone elses for that matter instead of viewing the world in the context of what it can provide the USA.

The countries that signed and ratified Kyoto are working on meeting their obligations, open a newspaper with an international section occasionally, have someone read it to you and you’ll see hear about how Brit’s are reducing their carbon footprints and the recycling programs all over the world. Not to mention the various means of travel that don’t include burning fossil fuels.

Now why is it, that whenever it’s pointed out that the USA is not the only country in the world, that other nations contribute equally if not more, certain one eyed American’s with little or no education about history and world events, scream and cry that they aren’t appreciated as a nation? The USA is appreciated for the good it does, however world opinion counts and you must take your strikes the same as the rest of us.

Now if I were stupid enough to give such an angry, mentally tortured subspecies such as yourself my true identity, I really would be one of the names you called me, wouldn’t I? What a sad, strange, lonely and angry little man you must be. I’ve no wish to meet you in person, unlike most of the people I’ve met here.


5 Responses to “ooooooooh Hate Mail! Does that mean I’ve come of age?”

  1. panoramia said

    I’m not quite sure what Mr Turner was trying to splutter here but from the first paragraph it’s obvious he/she/it is functionally illiterate (and a splendid advertisement for the American educational systems).

    Mr Turner, dat mean “youse dum, man!”

    Perhaps if you invite the gentleman to return to discuss his areas of concern in English—? After at least four years of further education?

  2. panoramia said

    Not knowing “Tourette’s Syndrome” I did the obvious and consulted Wiki.

    Wiki’s definition would appear to clear Mr Turner, he doesn’t meet the criteria:
    “People with Tourette’s have normal life expectancy and intelligence”.

    Then again, maybe he might the criteria — it depends on what is ‘normal intelligence’ in his neighbourhood?

  3. Well I could have been mistaken as to the cause of his verbal tics, I mean he left comments on virtually every post except the one that so incensed him, what does that tell us?

  4. panoramia said

    Just a wee goofball en passant, I guess. There’s a word for the type but it eludes me right now — as children they pull the wings off flies, sometimes as adults they become political leaders: Idi Amin, Bob Mugabe, George Dubdub, Heinrich Himmler …

    What post was it that finally flipped his turtle?

    (When you’re finished with him, please can I have him? My posts need a bit of light relief.)

  5. Sociopath? I think it was the post are we jealous or do we hate America, seeing as he was talking Kyoto and Land mines

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