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Pumpkin/Qian is coming home

Posted by pauaprincess on September 21, 2007

Authorities in Melbourne have accepted that Qian Xun Xue is a New Zealand citizen and as such decisions about her future must be made by NZ authorities. There is no scheduled return date as yet however NZ authorities are clearing the way for her grandmother to come to NZ to meet her. Immigration minister Clayton Cosgrove has confirmed all stops have been cleared in order that Madam Liu can come to Auckland however due to ill health Mr Liu is unlikely to come. Madam Liu has expressed a desire to return Qian Xun to China, however custody will first need to be granted and other relatives, for example her half sister Grace (Mr Xue’s missing daughter) who is in her 20’s, could seek custody. Grace Xue told a local current affairs problem last night that she would like to foster Qian.

She said the first thing that went through her mind when she heard her father had abandoned Qian was: “How awful. How could he do that to his own child?”Then I realised that she could be my half-sister and I’m really worried about her wellbeing. What’s going to happen to her? Is she going to be looked after? Is she going to go through the same emotions I did when I was little? What can I do to help her?

It has also been revealed that Mr Xue was convicted of injuring Qian Xun during an attack on her mother which culminated in him attacking his wife with a knife. He was at the time arrested, charged and convicted with a sentencing if called upon, which basically means that if he came to the attention of the courts within the following year he could be sentenced to imprisonment or fine.

Meanwhile, NZ Police have been heavily criticised in the media for the 16 hours it took to open the car boot (trunk) which contained Annie Liu’s body. By all accounts it would appear not all New Zealanders agree with the media stance. A look through the NZ Heralds “Your Views“column shows a large measure of support for Police along with the criticism. There are some fundamental misunderstandings such as why Xiu was allowed to leave the country when he was subject to a protection order. Any journalist worth their degree should be able to research enough about protection orders to know that question is redundant. A protection order itself does not preclude anyone leaving the country and flags are not raised on the passport/name of a person who is subject to one. Protection Orders prevent the offender by court order offering violence or abuse to the applicant, that’s all.

I can imagine, given the circumstances, Police are busily kicking themselves, who wouldn’t be? Having an idea of procedure outside the scope of currently popular tv shows like CSI I can’t personally fault them.

Most of the anti Police views would appear to have some historically bitter aspect such as comments about the shooting of Steven Wallace who was shot and killed by Police in Waitara whilst facing them down armed with a golf club and baseball bat. At the time he was described by the media as unarmed. Or previous contact with Police that didn’t necessarily work out for the best for the author.

I understand that the case was initially, a found child case that the Australian Police notified NZ Police via Interpol to search for the Mother of Qian Xun Xiu, which they started doing Monday evening when notification was received, 4 properties in two cities were checked, friends and acquaintances were interviewed, warrants obtained to check bank records etc.

The house would have initially been searched with the permission of the boarder who resided there, then warrants sought as it became evident that there was foul play.

All of this took time, interviews etc don’t happen in a matter of minutes and Police had to gather evidence to present to a judge for a warrant and it had to be convincing evidence, beyond reproach to gain a future conviction. Police procedure done wrong can allow a killer to ‘get off’ on a technicality and nobody wants a killer freed on a technicality do they?

The car wasn’t initially part of the cordon, later it was cordoned off (none of the journalists who hung around it noticed any odour of decay so I don’t understand why Police should have) and removed for examination, you’d not expect them to open it up with a media circus peering over their shoulder at the roadside. The house, most likely considered the crime scene was examined and then Police turned their attention to the car hoping to find clues as to Mr Xue’s destination/intentions or recent activity. In order to preserve evidence as there were no keys found in the house for the car, Police opened the boot as part of their examination. When presented with a true picture of the timeline, along with a true idea of the laws under which Police obtain, collect and preserve evidence such as the law of chain of custody. You get a clearer understanding.

This statement by Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope gives a better understanding. The media however continue to persecute with their historically anti Police stance. Hardly surprising given that a couple of months ago the Heralds deputy business editor was whining about Police visiting her after a neighbour reported that a child was screaming in the business editors house and she believed it was possibly child abuse.

Eric, who is one of the viewers of this blog has set up a forum where people can discuss this case. Eric is the father of two little girls and though race is not an 326680issue, is Asian himself. You can check out his forum here. It’s also on the side bar permanently on my blog roll.

The hunt for Nai Xin Xue continues….

Police in LA have confirmed that when Xiu arrived at LAX he caught a shuttle bus to LA’s China town area. Detective Sicard of the Foreign Prosecution unit of the LAPD said Fox News have picked up the story and the Chinese Daily News in LA is giving the story prominence. The Asian Task Force is translating the story alongside a large picture of Xiu. The local Chinese community is putting tips and leads on a website which LA detectives are following up on.

If Mr Xiu tries to use his passport or is stopped by Police for any reason, he will be arrested.

Meanwhile Fox News, the LA Times, ABC and CNN have picked up the story in the USA. This is all great news, we need Xiu’s face plastered all over America though. People need to be able to recognise him so that he can be brought back to NZ to answer for his crimes. Again I am going to ask people to link to this blog or copy the pictures to your own sites so that word gets out in the biggest, international way. Lets use the internet to make his face as well known as that of Paris Hilton!


Cause of death has been established however Police are keeping the details under wraps at this stage. All they have released to the media is that Annie Liu died as a result of violence. Some US media outlets are stating that she was beaten to death, which may well be the case but at this point the only people who know for sure are Xiu and the NZ Police.

LAPD have interviewed the shuttle driver who dropped Xiu in China Town.

PumpkinTrustLogo500 If you want to donate to the Little Pumpkin Trust, click the logo to find out about the organisation set up by Qian Xun Xiu’s half sister Grace and how to donate.

Grace Xue is the half sister of Qian Xun Xue (Pumpkin). Now in her 20s, Grace Xue was born in China and came to New Zealand in 1999. Soon after her arrival, she was also abandoned by the same father. She has since established a new life for herself, putting herself through university. Grace is in a stable relationship with boyfriend, Shane, and their son Edward celebrated his first birthday on September 20.


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