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Guest Post : From Eric of Little Pumpkin Org

Posted by pauaprincess on September 23, 2007

Eric from has written for me, the impetus behind him setting up a forum for Qian Xun Xue aka Pumpkin.  Thank you Eric I hope that others reading this will understand the depth of feeling we kiwis have with regard to this case, whether we are Maori, European, Asian, Pacific Islanders, etc.  We are all united by one goal and that is, to see the perpetrator of this vicious crime caught and made to pay.  Eric is an Asian, New Zealander, a father and fellow citizen. 

To be honest, I don’t know how to start. I experienced a lot during the course of setting up this little forum. OK, let me just start from the beginning…325798

I first heard the news on Tuesday morning and got shocked by what Xue did. I was touched by little pumpkin’s eyes, the eyes full of innocent and confusion.  I’ve got a daughter that’s turning 4 in Nov, almost the same age as little pumpkin. How could a father abandon such a lovely little girl without looking back? For goodness sake, she’s only 3, an age that is supposed to know only love and happiness, how could you do that?

I could not stop thinking of her. So after I got home from work, I went straight online and registered , I decided to set up an online space dedicated to little pumpkin. I’m an IT professional, I think that’s the least I can do. I didn’t know how much it would help, but at least, people have a place to talk about her, and the more people know about it, talk about it and think about it, the better chance we’ll find a way to make little pumpkin’s life easier, I think.

After I registered the domain, I then called the office of National’s Chinese MP Pansy Wong, who spoke to the media on that day regarding the case. I told them what I was trying to do. And I told them that I needed the help from them and the help of the whole Chinese community. We need to get the whole Chinese community around the world to talk about it to trace Xue down. But they said they were not interested.

However, I didn’t sleep that night. Instead, I spent the whole night working on that forum. By 4am the next day, I got it live. I felt much better, as a Chinese, a father of 2 daughters, I have tried helping little pumpkin in my own way. At 8am, I sent an email to one of the national radio stations about what I did. By 11am, that radio station replied my email asking me for an interview, they said they’d like to know why I set up the website, what I’d like to achieve and etc. They said “it’s going to be a nice story”. I refused to be interviewed, because the company I’m working for thought it would be inappropriate for me to talk with media about this case even as an individual. But I did ask the radio station to let people know about They didn’t get back me. was never mentioned in the news. The media just wants the story. I wasn’t able to give them the story and little pumpkin’s website lost its opportunity to be publicised. How sad is that!

I told my colleagues about this. They were upset as well. One of them said, “Eric, you wasted the whole night without sleeping, I’m really sorry…” I said, no, I think it’s worth it. I’m proud of what I’ve done. I can’t talk about it publicly, but I got the whole online community. Asian has got a bad reputation in this country for not standing up in front of the bad buyers like burglars and robbers. This guy is a shame of the Chinese community. I did what I can to confront him and to help little pumpkin. So I started to put my little forum on various blogs and community message boards. I believe the parents all over the world would feel the same anger and the same sadness as me.

As Pansy Wong said, Xue was an active member of the Chinese community. And I’ve got friends who know him, one of them even talked with him not so long ago. And on Chinese community websites, 9 out of 10 people who declared that they knew Xue said Xue was “rubbish” and a “liar”. TV One (I think) interviewed a Chinese couple who’re the neighbor of Xue and Anan Liu yesterday. They said Xue declared he’s got connection with the gangs all over the world, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US and etc. I think that may well be true. My dad is a master in martial arts. I practiced martial arts since I was 14. My dad told me a lot about the world of the martial arts masters. If you watched “Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger”, you’d know it’s called “Jiang Hu”. It is true that a few martial arts masters in China are connected with gangs in some way. I was also thinking that now Xue is in US, he must live with Chinese gangs in LA or NY. And the police will never find him. However, when I thought about it again, I reckon Xue won’t be popular in gangs either. Gangs are people too and most people are not cold blooded. Think about it, will you go and rob a bank with a guy who can abandon his own child? How could you trust him? You’d think if surrounded by police, he’s going to be the first one who gives up! When looking back at China history of 5000 years, we can never see any betrayers living good lives. Normally they got killed by the enemy immediately after they told everything they knew about their own army. You think Chinese gang will tolerant a man who betrayed his own wife and child? I don’t think so! As the police in US said, to catch Xue is just a matter of time.

yinxue The martial art that Xue practices is called Taiji, which is one the most famous martial art branches in China. I learnt that for a little while when I was young. The quintessence of Taiji is the perfect combination of meditation and force. In fact, the first lesson I learnt in martial arts was not about how to fight, it was about how to be a good person. We call that “Morals of Martial Arts”. Why am I talking about this? Because Xue declared himself to be a “grandmaster” of Taiji. I’d say that’s absolutely rubbish! So does everyone in the Chinese community. His behavior has no moral standard; he will never achieve “the perfect combination of meditation and force”. If you’d see that video made by those Unitec students (I still can’t understand why they tried to promote Xue as a loving father. Yeah right, a loving father who killed his wife and abandoned his own child, how’s that sound?), you may think his pose is all right, just like Jet Lee or Jacky Chan. But when you look into his eyes, what do you see? A true grandmaster in martial arts will show calmness and kindness in his eyes. However, in Xue’s eyes, it’s full of greedy and selfishness.

When extreme case like this happens, I think it really put the whole society in the test. It’s a test to media, police, legal system, community, and politicians. For the extreme case like this to happen, it takes lots of mistakes in a row: what if little pumpkin’s mother didn’t come back from Wellington? What if she confronted Xue in the court some time ago? What if our legal system could be more considerable to protect kids and women, by having an automatic alert in the customs database that a kid can never be taken out the country without the agreement from the legal guardian? What if the community warned the related authorities earlier about the family violence? So many “what if”s, if any of these have had happened, probably, the tragedy can be avoided.

Think about little Nia, that poor 3 year old who was abused to death. She was abused not just for several days but for months. Where was the community, where was the extended family who latter flew here all over the world to attend the tangi? Where were you when little Nia was alive? Where were you when little Nia was suffering?

By setting up that little forum, I hope more and more people will talk about the family violence, it is OUR problem. Let us remember little pumpkin forever, let us not allow the same tragedy to happen again.

I think I’ve written quite a lot. It’s really too much, within less than 6 months, we saw tragedy happen to two 3 year olds. For goodness sake, this is New Zealand, a place that is perceived as “paradise” to the rest of the world!PumpkinTrustLogo500

At last, I’d like to give you an update on . A guy tried to contact me this afternoon, he left a message in my mobile. He said he’s working with Grace, the half sister of little pumpkin, to set up the trust and website and all that, and noticed that I’ve already put up a website for little pumpkin at that domain. He’d like to have chat with me to see if we can work together. I’ll be in touch with him or Grace tomorrow. I’m so glad it eventually will help little pumpkin in someway…

Little Pumkin Org is primarily a discussion forum, for those who want to gather to discuss this crime, any information received via the forum will of course be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.  A forum is a place we can gather, we can commiserate, discuss and help.  The online community is a vast network, we can help to catch this killer, we are quick, information can be posted and disseminated around the world in minutes.  I urge people to visit the forum, become acquainted and share anything they wish to.


19 Responses to “Guest Post : From Eric of Little Pumpkin Org”

  1. panoramia said

    I still think that that whatever else this ‘man’ will have moved on, and quickly.

    I’ve seen only a few snippets of his ‘tai chi’ — in places it comes together and is credible, in others it’s gawky, not right; amateurish. A poseur, or victim of poor training.

    Your comments trying to involve me in little Nia’s abuse and death are off target, however — I was NOT personally involved and cannot be implicated by passive tolerance.
    For what my pathetic efforts are worth I try to change the human condition by influencing human thought; I get nowhere but like the little sparrow in the Zen proverb I keep trying and shall not stop.
    To comment further in this forum would be to hijack someone else’s blog, I shan’t do that beyond wishing you and yours the very best success in these endeavours. And good luck …

  2. bee said

    Eric, just wanted to say, people like yourself and Pauaprincess will help litle Pumpkin take solace from the fact that here are people who care about her.

  3. Grace Xue said

    Hi Eric,

    We havent yet spoke directly, and I apologise for the recent events which have put a great amount of demand on my time. I’ve being meaning to say thank you for stepping forward and taking the time and effort to help. It is people like you that makes NZ great.

    The warmest regards to your family and god bless!


  4. Richie said

    It is likely that the grandmother will win custody, she works for a significant company in China in a high ranking position – she is proud and feels she doesn’t need charity. She is pleasant enough if rather direct and has an established relationship with Xue Qian Xun.

    There is quite a bit more to this to come out.

  5. panoramia said

    PP, Hi
    Have you been able to keep up with this thread?

    Guest’s post, intriguing?

  6. To say the least, but it’s a trust so I don’t see the motive and CYFS decide what happens to Qian Xun.

  7. zelma said

    Hey Eric, I visited your website, tried to make a comment and didnt get thru, anyway, God Bless you and your family,,,,, these are the kind of people we all need to reside on earth, to make this planet a non-violent place. People that have the heart to feel for others and reach out to help in any way possible. This incident have touched me deep down to my heart, and make me addicted to the internet, wanting to know bits and bits of this story, so sad, how awful. I’d love to know what is going to happen to this little lovely angel.. The Custody side is a bit fragile, but, what i suggest if for the two sides (Meaning Grace and Grandmother) to be in a set agreement. At this point of time, the grandmother is the only person the child knows and gling to, better be with her for sometime, at the same time, Crace to keep in touch, and be there for her sister when she needs her, Forget about the father, focus on the child and her future. Crace being thru the same tragedy, makes her understand the emotional disturbance Qian will face as she grows up, shell come to know, and that is the hardest part. We would all love to be there for her. Crace if you read this comment, iam someone who cares but not rich enough to do better than a little donation in the trust. I wish Qian i here so i can give her a big hug and make her feel eventhough she was being abandoned by her dad, she have thousands of fathers and mothers here that care about her.

  8. Steve said

    It is hard to see why people would trouble themselves to set up a trust for a effectively wealthy child. It would seem like starting a trust to help Nicole Ritchie deal with anorexia or to help Britney Spears with being crazy.

    So are the Zema’s being conned? I don’t know.
    Are we worried about fraud? Can someone abuse being on control of a trust for their own benefit? Or can we believe that such trusts are monitored – surely they are otherwise charity would become a huge fraud? I trust that our system works in some way and that nothing the bbs say matters true or not. I suppose everyone have stories that sound bad from just one side like that police man and the shooting.

    But still I don’t know who the other pumpkins are who I would be donating to. Maybe the Zema’s are being mislead, or charitied out, even if the trust is trying to be entirely honest. That in itself would be sad. Or maybe it will work out exactly as they want.

    Anyway I know what happens to Royal New Zealand Blind Foundation money and ChildFund New Zealand money. so I might just go back to rugby.

  9. zelma said

    It is simple and clear, if you have any doubts about the trust, dont donat,, dont waste your money. and dont say a word. Let those who want to donate, do it. If the trustee end up using the money for their own benefit, which i beleive wont ever happen…. that will affect us who donate not those of you that are complainning. oh and about the child being a wealthy child, does not matter, being rich didnt really save her from being abandoned, you can earn the whole worlds wealth but real love and care is something you can rarely find. By the way the way she was found was just like a normal kid. No one knows where she comes from and her background, so i see,,, setting up this trust was a smart move. What if the grandmother does not exsit, and if she does but poor, what can she do? anyway, apreciate a little help, from everyone, will make things better. Does not matter you are rich or poor, we all end up in the same thing.

  10. Maxine said

    Hi everybody:

    Everybody can see how Pumpkin’s grandmother loves her grandaughter. She just wants her granddaughter, Little Pumpkin, lives with happiness. Mrs Liu didn’t talk about this tragedy related to donation or fund for Little Pumpkin’s life. She has never mentioned about any donation but she has said she can provide and take care her with good living standard in China. This is love!

    On the other hand, the money-hungry “half”-sister always talks about the donation and funds once she has known the Little Pumpkin’s mother was murdered. I would like to reflash every body, please check the online news for the first few days of the abandoned Little Pumpkin, at that moment, their father had not yet been wanted for murder because the body of Pumpkin’s mother had not yet been found. Some news has mentioned that NZ police had contacted with Grace, half-sister of Pumpkin, made sure she was safe. Her attitude shown no passion to her abandoned half-sister at that time. What I knew from online news was like that she didn’t want to be bothered by media and just wanted to live in peace. Is this attitude so called love? is this attitude so called “sister”? Sorry, I don’t believe Grace is showing her love to Pumpkin now. Of course, she won’t accept any money for interview at this moment. Otherwise, she is a stupid to show everybody she is a such money mind, how can she pretends to be a person with big heart ? how can she earns something from any other opportunity of other’s tragedy! Everybody knows that, some purpose must be behind an action that motivate people to do something. Hope everybody can see what is her purposing to the donation establishment with such passion! If people want little pumpkin to live with her good life, I believe, please don’t remind her tragedy for all her life, how can she live with peace? Do everybody knows that, for every dollar from donation just remind her, she had such awful abandoned experience and related sad story! At least we know that her grandmother shows she has no financial problem to provide her granddaugher’s good life.

    No money donation but with big heart can also show your caring, do you agree? Grace, please don’t always talk about donation, please don’t use people’s tragedy for yourself purpose, that’s pretty enough, that pretty make people sick about you. If you want to show you have big heart, please volunteer for the hard and unprofitable job in Red Cross or other non-profitable org. Thanks!

  11. I’m going to leave this here because discussion is productive, however: the little pumpkin trust is administered by six people, not just one, Grace Xiu doesn’t get the money. Grace has stated that if Qian Xun doesn’t require the money, it can go toward helping other children who are victims of similar circumstances. Many a cause has begun in the name of a single victim and grown to help other children. It is uncharitable to say the least, to assume that someone is coldly calculating the cash advantage alone when you don’t actually know the person involved or their motives. Families of criminals are victims in their own way. Would you come forward Maxine, to claim a father who is a murderer and help the Police as Grace has? Grace could have stayed hidden and not exposed herself to any of this criticism.

  12. Steve said

    This debate seems to show how the Asian and English communities don’t understand eachother and can’t communicate even on legal issues.

  13. zelma said

    Hey Maxine… ive gotta new name for you…. “BIG HEART” Yeah right, you really have a big heart to abuse another human being on the internet. Try and have some respect of other peoples feelings. Grace didnt do any harm to you. or maybe in some personal ways and yet you are to show here. We were here just like an opinion line for the little one. not to show that you are furious about someone. Just relax if you have any issue with Crace, take a walk around your house and breath in and out. As princess paua said, The trust is so clear, having 6 almost 10 people involve and yet only one person gets this accusation. I can call myself money hungry as well so i can call you too. Y DO WE HAVE TO GO TO WORK, every early morning in the cold. Coz we are hungry for money. Oh who knows maybe this trust will be useful to one of your children or grandchildren. Oh and watever people can do to erase your past or anyones past they will come to know in some way you and i dont know. We cant hide her past anymore, internet is a world wide web, the whole world know and so she will when she is old enough. This is a Technology generation, and little Pumpkin in another few years, will get access to her story, thru advance technology that you and i know nothing about. I think that is cruel way of dealing with life is hiding your past from you. I look at it as a very old fashion way. This is the new generation that we are dealing with and their minds go 100 miles ahead of us. And yes we all know that the grandmother is rich and can financially provide for her. What a lovely thing. So Pumpkin will be the richest kid, money from the trust so as the money from her grand mother, awesome,,,, isnt it. Dont you love to see the abandoned kid be the best in life. Thats what i want to see,,,, LAST BUT NOT LEAST…………… HA HA HA EVERYONE RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX AND SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR OTHER, HAVE SOME MANNERS AND KEEP YOUR PROBLEMS TO YOUR SELF,,, LETS TALK ABOUT QIAN “THE BEAUTIFUL ANGEL” NOT US.

  14. zelma said

    BYE BYE!

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