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An Open Letter from Qian Xun Xue’s (Pumpkin)Grandmother

Posted by pauaprincess on September 25, 2007

Recopied from media

Today is a Traditional Chinese Festival-Mid-Autumn Day, which is a day for all of the family members get together. However, I need to leave the hometown with grieved feelings and fly over thousands of miles to handle my lovely daughter, An An Liu’s funeral in New Zealand. At this very moment, anyone who has conscience would understand the deepest pain in my broken heart.

Several years ago, An An arrived in New Zealand with a beautiful wish that to pursue knowledge and consummate her self-desire and happiness. However, she is closed her eyes now and would keep her unfinished wish forever. I and My family and all of An An’s friends are bearing so much regrets and bitterness that beyond description. Hence, I want to condemn the violence crime that this murderer did to An An, and I’m requesting the Interpol to arrest this brutal criminal as soon as possible, to punish this criminal by law, and give back the fairness to An An and all the people who loves An An.

An An is my only daughter, and Xun Xun is my only granddaughter, blood is thicker than water. Therefore, I will bring my daughter back home, and let her peaceful soul rests in her homeland in China. I will adopt my lovely little granddaughter and take her with me as well. I want she grows up healthy in a safe and warm place that well protected by us. After the case occurs, Xun Xun has suffered the enormous misfortune, yet at the same time, she is also experienced the truest love that gathered by hundreds and thousands people who continually giving care to Xun Xun with love. In China, there is an old saying for ‘great love’: for a drip of water, we should give back with a spring. We will let Xun Xun memorize this ‘great love’, and I feel strongly that I have duties and responsibilities to take care of Xun Xun, and I will try my best to provide a harmonious environment for Xun Xun, and to bring up her as an honesty and virtuous person with brilliant outstanding to make the contribution for the society.

In this grave misfortune, all walks of life have given us the huge sympathy and help. I and my family would like to give our most sincerity in acknowledgment of the General Consulate of People’s Republic of China in New Zealand and in Melbourne, and also the government in New Zealand and Australian. We would like to say thanks to all the media agencies for their justice supports; thanks to all the people who are helping us and taking care of my granddaughter Xun Xun. At last, we especially want to say thanks to and give our respects to the police agencies of New Zealand, Australia and the United State.


Yours sincerely,

Xiao Ping Liu



Xiao Ping Liu arrived in Auckland today and met her grand daughter in Auckland.  Qian Xun Xue arrived in Auckland yesterday in secret.

At last there is some happy news in this sad, sad story.  the letter is a word for word translation from Chinese.  Mrs Liu and her supporters have been given flexible visas to allow for transition.

Now we just need to catch the killer!


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