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Police Shooting in Christchurch NZ

Posted by pauaprincess on September 27, 2007

And so it begins, pretty much as I predicted.

Police were called to a domestic related incident where a man was smashing up a house, armed with a hammer he was smashing up a car on their arrival. Police allege the offender advanced toward them and made verbal threats. A police officer, fearing for his safety fired several shots from a glock pistol (Police are taught to double tap thats two shots at a time, I’m informed) 1 shot hit the man in the chest and killed him instantly. Full story here.

Witnesses are saying the man had his arms at his sides when he was shot and carrying nothing. By the same token witnesses allege that nobody did anything for the man.

Cross said it did not appear that any police officers provided the man with medical assistance.

“It didn’t seem like it was handled properly, especially if a man was shot. He was never checked to see if he was alive or needed any treatment, or to confirm that he was dead or anything.”

Duke agrees no police officers seemed to check if the man was all right and both claim it was about 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

Ambulance confirm they were onscene within 9 minutes all up, from the call to their call centre arriving to the ambulance arriving on scene. The man died instantly according to Police, supported no doubt by a Post Mortem. Ambulance will have timed evidence from their dispatch centre to confirm this.

This is a media timeline of the incident:

Wednesday, September 26
8.26pm – police were called to a domestic incident at a house off Avonside Drive, Linwood, Christchurch.
8.36pm – police officer shoots a 37-year-old man in front of friends.
8.38pm – 111 call made for an ambulance.
8.41pm – Ambulance enroute to scene of the shooting
8.47pm – Ambulance arrives at the scene.
About 9pm – the victim dies.

The your views section of the Herald contains the following rhetoric:

“Since NZ police are already looking very unprofessional due to the revelations of past actions one must ask what will come out in the future about police actions now. Or is it police policy to protect themselves from later charges by killing off the evidence. The report of emails calling for police to shoot weapon carrying persons shows how far the police force has sunk & sends a message that will only result in more bloodshed.”

“Absolutely outrageous — yet again we have over zealous NZ Police failing to de-escalate an incident and opting to shoot first. As I recollect the last similar incident involved the breaking or windows with a golf club. Someone’s head should roll !”

Most comment however, is in favour of the Police.

Now when a gun shop owner was prosecuted by the Police a few months ago, for having a loaded pistol within reach which is against the law, which he subsequently shot a machete wielding intruder, nobody said the offender was just armed with a garden tool! They all said what’s the matter with the Police? That guy should get a medal, not a conviction!

Marie Dhyrberg and Keith Locke of the anti taser brigade, are famous for condemning Police for using a taser (during a trial, they no longer have access to them) on a man threatening them with a screwdriver. A screwdriver is the type of tool any burglar might have, said Marie. Less than a week later, two Police officers were stabbed with screwdrivers in two separate incidents. The fact is, anything can be a weapon and as to whether or not the Officer felt threatened, only he can say.

Police General Instructions for the use of firearms:

According to police guidelines police are permitted to shoot a person in the following circumstances:

  • To defend themselves or others against death or grievous bodily harm, if they cannot protect themselves in a less violent manner.
  • To arrest an offender if they believe the offender poses a threat of death or grievous bodily harm in resisting arrest, if the arrest cannot be done in a less violent manner or delayed without danger to other people.
  • To prevent the escape of an offender believed to pose a threat of death or grievous bodily harm, if the offender’s escape cannot be prevented in a less violent manner.An offender may not be shot unless:
  • They have been called upon to surrender first, unless it is impractical or unsafe to do so
  • It is clear the offender cannot be disarmed or arrested without being shot.
  • The Police have launched a homicide inquiry, two independent investigators from the Police Complaints Authority are in attendance. How about the media stick to the facts, stop playing detective and interviewing potential witnesses, conjecting and let the investigators do their jobs? After all they are the ones who are qualified to do it.

    None of the media beat up helps the family of the offender or the Police and could later prejudice a jury.


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