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Punishing criminals not their victims

Posted by pauaprincess on September 27, 2007

Waikato Police District Commander Superintendent Kelvin Powell has attacked the public for not taking responsibility for preventing burglaries. Half of the 741 homes targeted by burglars in the region since July 1 2007, were either unsecured on badly secured. The most common points of entry were open windows or unlocked or open garage doors.

“My staff and I are sick and tired of those people who take no responsibility for crime prevention measures to protect their homes.”

Ok, I am usually a proponent of personal responsibility, I also am a supporter of our Police service. On this occasion however, I don’t agree with Superintendent Powell. It’s the job of him and his staff to prevent crime. Not ours.

We have a responsibility to secure and look after our property, to the best of our ability yes and we do it because we value our property, however, we also have a right to expect our homes to be sacrosanct and for the Police to protect us from loss of property and life through criminal acts.

Nobody has the right to come into my home and take my stuff without my permission, period. As the saying goes, locks only keep out honest people. Superintendent Powell talks about the dangers of open curtains, yet it’s not so long ago we were all encouraged not to draw our curtains whilst away, because it gave cover to burglars? Make up your mind man!

Why should we have turn our homes into Fort Knox? That is not the way we live in New Zealand.

The fact is, we should be able to leave windows and curtains open, while we are out. We should be able to leave the front door unlocked while we work in the back garden and we ought to be able to leave our laptops on the dining room table and our plasma tvs (if we have them) out instead of locked away.

I should be able to pop down to the dairy for 5 minutes, without having to secure my home to bank level, simply locking the door should suffice. I should be able to go to work without having to draw all my curtains, double lock the doors and windows and have to come home to a musty, airless, dark home. I should also be free to wander around with my camera taking photos without fear of being mugged for it and walk at night without fear of being raped.

Perhaps what we need are harsher sentences for burglars and thieves, the maximum sentence for Burglary in NZ is 10 years, the average prison term for Burglary is less than 1 year and 2/3rds of offenders receive non custodial sentences! Much like fleas on the dog, for every one caught, you can bet there are 10 more, well for every burglar caught, you can bet that he’s done 10 or more without getting caught. Recidivist burglars have nothing to fear from the judiciary. Perhaps if they did, they wouldn’t be recidivist burglars. What’s more, there is a strong correlation between burglary and escalation to bigger offenses like Home Invasions, Rape etc. Antonie Dixon had 160 previous criminal convictions.

Police need to get on with catching criminals, the judiciary need to get on with supporting Police by giving offenders proper sentences, the public needs to stop turning offenders into victims and hoping they will be rehabilitated with soft sentences, in soft prisons which give them access to things they would never otherwise have access to and that we honest citizens have to pay for.

There is a difference between blaming the victim of a burglary, rape etc for putting themselves into the position of having a crime perpetrated against them, and turning an offender into a victim.

This social experiment is over. The people of NZ want criminals to be punished, not turned into victims and given a soft option whilst the real victims, turn their homes into fortresses and the criminals rule.


2 Responses to “Punishing criminals not their victims”

  1. panoramia said

    Have you thought about going into politics? Seriously, now …

  2. LOL I’m too honest for politics!

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