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Stupid is as stupid does

Posted by pauaprincess on October 5, 2007

How’s this for stupid?  You are coming home from the city after a night out, whilst hunting for a taxi you get attacked by a gang of stroppy youths.  bystanders intervene and you hop into a taxi and go home.  20 minutes later, from the safety of your home, you call the Police and demand they come and get you and take you back to the scene.  Police tell you sorry, we can’t do that, you’ll can either give us the report now over the phone so we can investigate or you can report to the station in the morning.  What do you do?

Well if you are Chelsea Langridge and Grant Williams, you get your flatmate to take you back into town, find the people who beat you up and get yourself beaten up again!  You can check out Grant and Chelsea (his spokesmodel) here.

Then watch the Police response here

If you can’t be bothered watching here is what was said during their second call to emergency services, that’s after they’d been told Police weren’t able to come and get them to take them back to town:

Operator: My supervisor said we won’t be picking you up … I’m afraid. What you can do is if you go back down there and if they are still there, then call us immediately and we’ll come down and get them.

Langridge: So if we catch a cab and they are still down there and we don’t get beaten up?

Operator: Ask the cab driver to stay with you, sit in the car with you.

You have to wonder really at the lengths the media will go to.  Not only as the Superintendent states, the entire transcript isn’t read and the facts aren’t given until he tells them, the call didn’t come in on the 111 emergency line and it wasn’t at the point they called, an emergency, so why is it headlined as “111 call leads to another attack” and why should Police have to tell people something as basic as, don’t go back to where you got beaten up?  Seriously?

I’m sorry Chelsea and Grant got assaulted but the fact is, they could have got a taxi to the Central Police station 5 minutes up the road from where it happened, made a report directly over the counter to a real live Police Officer and descriptions etc could have been given out over Police radio. 

Instead, they went home and called in, they wanted a Police car to come and pick them up and take them back into town, further extending the time delay and drive around looking for their attackers.  Whilst on the phone, again they could have made a complaint, an ambulance could have been dispatched and the descriptions etc could have been passed over the radio so Police in the city could have been on the look out for the offenders.

But no, Chelsea and Grant ignored the advice of the person on the phone, they got their flat mate to drive them to town.  When they located the offenders, they didn’t call 111 as instructed, Grant hopped out of the car allegedly to warn some “friends” because they couldn’t wind down the window and call out to them? Resulting in a second attack.

Now there comes a time, when we are responsible for our own safety, don’t you think?  Basic brain function is meant to give us a survival instinct.  Who knew that two people lacking that basic function, would get engaged, celebrate in town and get beaten up…. twice!

Sorry Grant and Chelsea, no sympathy from this quarter.  Next time, do the right thing, stay safe and let the cops deal with it their way!  That is what they are for.  It’s a hard lesson, but maybe next time, you’ll do as your advised to do because the Police never asked you to act for them, you just couldn’t get your own way and suffered the consequences.

It’s a pity, but police have to prioritise, like they do at Accident and Emergency, those who are in danger get seen to first and Grant and Chelsea were safe, they put themselves in danger, despite being offered alternatives.  We all have choices to make, sometimes they are hard, sometimes they are unpalatable but ultimately, the decision is ours.


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