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New Zealand and Kiwi’s built a bridge and got over it already

Posted by pauaprincess on October 10, 2007

For a kiwi, I’m not really into sports.  I was never dragged out of bed at 3am to sit and watch the All Blacks play as a child, in fact my father was more likely to drag me out of bed to see an eclipse, a comet or a fire than he was to get us up to watch a sporting event.  The closest I ever came was when I was dragged out of bed early one morning to see Australia win the America’s cup, my Dad said it was history being made.  As a teenager I attended a few cricket games at Eden Park with friend who was Australian and watched the inaugural Rugby world cup at work.

The Paua Prince on the other hand, played league for a club, cricket for his school and knows all the rules to every sport that involves a ball, even soccer which he dismisses as a game for big girls.  I think he’s seen every match the AB’s played since he was old enough to identify what it was he was watching.  Over the years he has infected me with his sporting spirit, to the point where I can barrack for the AB’s or the Black Caps in a one day match, I can discuss a game semi knowledgeably with my workmates, but I still haven’t got a clue about the finer points, like who’s offside or any of the strange names for bowling.

Suffice to say, we were up watching the All Blacks play France in the quarter final.  I’d even watched England dismiss Australia the night before and had approached the mornings viewing with a certain confidence in our team.

Oh Dear.

I swear, the sound of weedeaters and lawnmowers in my neighbourhood following the match was almost overwhelming, as men took to their lawns to take out their frustrations.

Over the past week I’ve watched as people drifted around looking shell shocked, moved into the blame game, conspiracy theory (it’s a plot by South Africa, England, the 5 nations)team bashing, coach bashing and ref bashing (still think its dumb to debut a ref in a world cup match at all, let alone a quarter final) and finally toward acceptance.  That’s ok.

The AB’s returned to Christchurch this morning to a 1500 strong crowd of supporters cheering them home.

Funny thing is, according to the world rankings, the AB’s are still the number 1 team.  A quick search around the internet shows that even in Australia, there were more stories about the All Blacks crashing out of the cup, than there were about the Wallabies… Are there THAT many Kiwi’s in OZ? 

Articles like this one which basically criticizes the people of NZ for our unbridled pride and passion, which is a bit rich considering when England is ousted from the Soccer world cup, which it is on a regular basis, the entire country turns suicidal and I’ve been in Australia when they lost to NZ in the Rugby, League and Cricket all during my visit.  It wasn’t safe to order fush and chups!

Seriously, life has gone on.  Of course we wanted a different outcome, don’t England when they lose the Ashes to OZ or the FIFA world cup to anyone? Gee you’d think we were the only nation with sporting hero’s and an unrealistic expectation for our team to win.

We are over it, we are welcoming home our players and we’ll live to play another day. Apparently fans are raising money to get Wayne Barnes a guide dog and white cane 🙂

After all, when all said and done, it’s just a game.


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