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The humble bar code, friend or foe?

Posted by pauaprincess on October 10, 2007

Shopping carts/trolleys are set to go high tech with a trolley that will tell you if you are buying too much junk food.  Wow, what a colossal waste of time, effort and technology.  Who amongst us needs a shopping trolley to be our conscience?   I know when I am picking up junk food and putting it in my trolley, I don’t need a computer chip to tell me.  I don’t really need the packaging to tell me either.  What is scary is that the article and presumably scientists want us to have faith in the humble bar code.

All very well, but with current Government attitudes toward obesity and the ability of its constituents to control their own lives, I’m be afraid that once my shopping trolley registered a certain number of calories, in the deepest dark recesses of some Government department, an alarm would sound…..Here I’d be innocently going about my shopping, when a group of well meaning Government experts would sweep into the supermarket, guns drawn with scales and bmi calculators close at hand… 

“M’am put the potato chips back on the shelf and step away from the trolley! Slowly, slowly and keep your hands in sight, we wouldn’t want any accidents”

Ummm what? Why? Who the hell are you?

M’am we are from the Ministry of Monitoring (MOM), we’ve had a 911 from your trolley telling us you have overloaded on junk food…. are, are those your children?

Yes they are my children and so what if I’ve overloaded on junk food, I’m shopping for two birthday parties this week.

M’am are you planning on feeding that food to children?  What kind of monster are you?

Clearly the kind with well bred, polite and healthy kids!

Man from the Ministry makes a cell phone call and a woman from CYFS turns up with an Emergency care and protection order on the grounds I am causing my children to become obese.

No I am not letting my children go with you!  Do they look fat? Do they look unhealthy? Are you insane? It’s food for a birthday party. Get away and leave me to shop, don’t make me call my Mother!

M’am if you don’t relinquish the children, we’ll be forced to call the Police.

Fine, call them!  What are they going to do? Charge with me with supplying chocolate to minors?  Carrying potato chips without a lawful excuse? Being in possession of  sprinkles?

Yes, all those offences I cannot believe you haven’t come to our attention before!

You can see the headlines, woman arrested at supermarket for having too much junk food.  The ensuing court case, the public debate.  My children in care, my husband supporting me and being vilified for it…. Oh I saw her on tv speaking, a decent mother doesn’t get that upset over the government helping her!  Did you see the husband? What an excuse I don’t believe she was buying for a party, she probably shops that way all the time….

Ok so I have an overactive imagination, I’ve heard that before, but really do we need a gadget attached to our shopping trolleys in order to make common sense food choices?  Surely if you are consistently allowing junk food to fill your trolley, it’s reflected in your waistline and you know it even if you don’t want to face it?


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