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If something offends thee, take it to the paper

Posted by pauaprincess on October 11, 2007

Found this wee gem on the Herald today, headlined “Frightened Woman told to stop calling 111 after threats“.  Wow! Told to stop calling 111? By the Police? Fire? Ambulance Service? Did they threaten her?  Gotta read on!

Well, it turns out Marilyn Clemison rang 111 for Police after being threatened near her home by an unnamed person.  A Police car attended but was unable to find Ms Clemison as she was hiding.  She made a second call, again a car was sent but was diverted to the Stephen Bellingham incident.  So she made a third call.  Shortly thereafter she recieved a text from Vodaphone stating:

“This no. has been iDd as making multiple pocket calls 2 111. Pls take steps 2 ensure this stops, such as using ur keypad lock at all times. Thank u.”

Quelle Horreur! Vodaphone identified that her phone dialled 111 3 times in a short time frame and let her know.  I personally don’t see anything offensive in this text.  Telecom will tell you that a vast number of calls to 111 are dialled in error or by pranksters, I know I used to work in the Toll Exchange and we dreaded 3pm when the kids got out of school, I swear 111 is called by more retards and kids than it is by people with a genuine need for emergency services. 

Vodaphone spokes person Alison Skyora states “If we believe that the calls were made in error, we send a message to alert the person.” all sounds reasonable to me and Ms Clemison safe in the knowledge that her calls were genuine and necessary shouldn’t have bothered over much.

However, in true hysterical form that seems to be the nature of the public at large these days, she’s gone to the papers, “How dare they text that? I feel I cannot ring 111 any more,” she told The Press. Oh Puhleeeeeeeeeze!  She’s going to let an automated text message prevent her from calling 111 when her house is on fire?  I’m afraid to speculate what she might do if she got a chain letter! Reminds me of Kath and Kim, “Look at me, look at me”.  I wonder if she’ll shut up now she’s had her 15 minutes of fame and her friends all clucking around her?

I say good on Vodaphone, they are taking steps to alert people that their phones are calling 111 possibly without their knowledge, they aren’t making any insinuation other than it may have been in error.  It also subtely lets pranksters know that Vodaphone is on to them  what’s so bad about that?

Do we want our 111 lines cluttered up with pranksters and error calls so that genuine callers can’t get through? I don’t think so.  Lady, GET A LIFE!

I cannot believe the papers printed this drivel!


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