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Do Doctors have the right to deny surgery to certain patients?

Posted by pauaprincess on October 12, 2007

I read this yesterday in a magazine, with a for and against view; should smokers, and obese people be denied operations? 

The against view mainly stated that no doctors shouldn’t deny treatment for people who are overweight or smoke because it’s discrimination.  The for view was basically, people who smoke take longer to recover as do obese people and it’s a crime to waste taxpayer money on people who won’t look after themselves.

Well, don’t smokers pay extra tax on their cigarettes? Don’t we all pay tax anyway?  What if some clever clogs does a study on oh lets say blue eyed people and brown eyed people and discovers, brown eyed people recover much quicker than blue eyed people.  Are we going to waste our tax money on those pesky blue eyed people?

Now I hear you say, Pauaprincess, people don’t have to smoke and they don’t have to be overweight.  No, they don’t but are you going to prevent them having an operation to save or even change their lives?  Are you judging them unworthy to live because they smoke or weigh more than you’d like? 

What about alcoholics? Drug addicts, old people, handicapped people?  Where does it stop? Joggers drop dead everyday, that can’t be healthy for them surely they are a risk and what about people who choose to live in a large city?  All those carcinogens in the air might not be their fault but they don’t have to live there do they?  What about miners and fire fighters who choose dangerous professions, you make them better and they go out and get hurt again! 

Maybe we should deny treatment to anyone who’s a health risk… oh wait, that’s everyone isn’t it? It must be because people who need operations have something wrong with them and they don’t have you sign all those waivers for nothing you know.

You don’t think there is something just a little reminiscent of Nazism in this?

The fact is if you live in a country with a health service, you’ve paid for your treatment and no doctor has the right to deny you treatment on any grounds. 

Good lord the next thing you know, pharmacists will be refusing to supply women the pill on religious grounds… oh wait, they do that in America don’t they?


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