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More terrorist news

Posted by pauaprincess on October 17, 2007

The more I read about the recent raids across the country, the more incredulous I become.  Not of the fact that Police swooped in and arrested people all over the country on firearms and terrorism charges, but of the entitled attitudes of those in the Ruatoki area amongst other things.

A hui was held at a Ruatoki Marae last night, which 30 Tuhoe elders and six police iwi liaison officers attended.  Hui chair Paki Nikora said it was held to give local people an opportunity to express “their concerns and their hurt at the way the police and the armed offenders squad (AOS) deployed…on a peaceful community like Ruatoki without prior warning as to their intentions”. Police were invited to justify their actions and the need to have such a heavy presence within the community, “but we were not satisfied with the responses”, he told Radio New Zealand.

Excuse me? 

Police conducted a nationwide operation, targeting people of different ethnicities, not just Maori and not just Tuhoe.  Why are they so special that Police should contact them ahead of time and get their input?  Wouldn’t consulting them ahead of the operation put it in jeopardy? Did they want a shoot out or something?  Martyrs to the cause?

Police are charged with the duty of protecting all New Zealanders, not some at the expense of others.  The only way to see this as a racist action, is to take it out of context and twist it, which is exactly what the folk in Ruatoki are doing.  They have no special privilege, they don’t deserve special privilege and the fact that they are currently being pandered to, with special meetings, only gives them reason to believe that they should.   

The other thing that has me wondering about the sanity of some people is the comment about how Police over reacted.  The prevailing attitude seems to be that we should pay no mind to a bunch of radicals running around in the bush with a rusty rifle.


It took just 4 dissatisfied people to carry out the 07/07 bombings in London.  They used commonly available chemicals to create their weapons and they carried out their plans with deadly efficiency.  The Oaklahoma City bombing in 1995 took one.

How many disaffected people does it take to become a terrorist organisation? I have no idea.  The fact that these people illegally had firearms in their possession, including automatic military style weapons and were allegedly attempting to buy more, is enough to arrest them.  The fact that Jamie Lockett allegedly declared war on NZ, should see him locked up for treason.

We all need to get wise before our naive attitude that such things happen overseas is completely dispelled with a tragedy.  Far better our Police are proactive, we’ve all seen the results of reactive Policing on the TV news.  I’d rather the Police stopped a bunch of radicals running around the forest with rusty rifles than they allowed them to carry out whatever it was they were planning and have people hurt or worse, killed!


2 Responses to “More terrorist news”

  1. Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

  2. Oh and you know how? Hunting gets ppl killed on occasion. A bunch of people with weapons…someone is bound to get hurt or worse.

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