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Terrorists under every bush

Posted by pauaprincess on October 17, 2007

Until this week, we’ve all been living peacefully with the notion that terrorism is something that happens overseas.  On Monday the Police conducted simultaneous raids all over the country, under the Terrorist Suppression Act and the Firearms Act.  The first time any action has been taken under the act which was brought into being following 9/11.  17 people were arrested.

The country has been a buzz ever since as tales emerge in the paper of terrorist training camps in the bush.  You can read more here.

Amongst those arrested, was Tama Iti (pictured left) charged under the Arms Act with unlawfully possessing firearms (a rifle, a shotgun and a military style semi-Tame-Itiautomatic) and molotov cocktails.  He and 13 co accused were arrested on a remote Ruatoki property in the Bay of Plenty. Tama Iti is a well known Tuhoe activist who has appeared on firearms charges in the past.  It’s pointed out often that Tuhoe never signed the treaty of Waitangi.  

Another of the arrested men, Jamie Lockett allegedly stated “I’m at war. I’m declaring war on this country very soon”.

Hunters allegedly stumbled across a training camp last year and were scared away by camouflage wearing armed men who threatened them.  Other’s speak of a napalm bomb. 

The groups targeted seem to be amongst the most dissident in the country.  While NZ is no stranger to protest and activism, we’ve never previously seen groups allegedly turning to violence like this.  It’s rumoured that there was a specific threat against the PM.

I really don’t know what to think.  To my mind protest is non violent.  Bombings of abortion clinics and armed groups living in remote areas outside the law, are something that happens in America.  This is not something we want or need in New Zealand.  As the adage says, violence begets violence.  If as alleged these people were training, paramilitary style, you have to wonder what their aim was?  It certainly couldn’t have been for a peaceful democracy, you don’t need guns in a society that is peaceful.

So what was their aim?  Having firearms in a rural community even without a licence, could probably be successfully defended in court, but molotov cocktails? Napalm? How can the civil libertarians condemning the Police action possibly justify keeping molotov cocktails or napalm?  It just makes them look foolish. 

While this was no 9/11 plot, they were certainly up to no good.  I am happy to wait and see what becomes of this.


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