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Don’t gimme that attitude, I have one of my own

Posted by pauaprincess on October 19, 2007

Wabus44 (Whakatane)As a victim of one of the raids, I can categorically state that the police have gone way over the top. This is also not the first time armed offender squad members boarded our kids’ school bus. It is amazing how the officials can lie through their teeth, yet no one talks to one of the bus drivers.Wake up New Zealand, police have clearly abused their powers out of sight of the white middle class.

An educated Maori (Wellington)No,they were way over the top, hasnt our govt learnt anything in the 150 years pakeha have been here? I think it was a circus and the police were the main act parading around like a bunch of ninjas. They have been watching too much tv. To add fuel to the fire they sent in the pommy brigade new recruits which makes it even more of a joke. Many Maori fought and died for this country they deserve to be treated better. Those arrested hold strong views they are entitled to them. For too long Maori have been oppressed, their language and culture devalued, their land stolen and not returned and a pitence paid. Then they are expected to fix 150 years of opression with there compensation. The state have showed ther contempt by passing discriminative legislation as they did in the 1860s. Maybe this groups actions is gonna show how racism is very much alive and rife in NZ so whats new.

Proud Tuhoe Teenager (Te Urewera)I am a teenage Tuhoe woman. My home is Te Urewera. I know that the police invasion at Ruatoki from start to finish was designed to instil fear and terror. And it did. My whanaunga were trashed. What I find particularly chilling are the views expressed so categorically by uninformed readers, about their total support of the the police action taken which against an entire valley of Tuhoe, regardless of whether they were allegedly involved or not. And to have “terroism” and “para-military training” used so freely alongside the actualL charges which were possession of unregistered rifles? If this isn’t an attempt to instil a feeling of fear and panic amongst the rest of NZ then what is it? High praise for Pita Sharples and the Maori Party who are standing up for the people they represent. Here is a sector of their electorate under siege. Top marks to him for defending them. Makes you wonder why the other “Maori” MPs haven’t said a word. Wonder which “Maori” they represent? I’m glad I was old enough to vote for Ururoa and the Maori Party. Bet those longstanding Maori Labour supporters will be rethinking their vote now.

Some quotes from the your views section of the Herald with regard to the raids conducted this week.  Holy self entitlement Batman! Some of these people have issues!

Wabus for example, calls himself a “victim” of the raids.  So Wabus got raided because the Police had enough evidence to obtain a warrant from a judge, with regard to Wabus illegal possession of illegal firearms and or they had proof he was allied to a potential terrorist threat. Hmmmm yep his opinions definitely one that I’m going to take seriously.

Educated Maori points out many Maori fought and died for this country (so did many Pakeha I might add, my great Uncle was one) and they deserve to be treated better… better than what exactly?  Maori have all the same rights and opportunities as any other race in this country, Educated Maori is, after all, educated.  So does he/she want better treatment than the rest of us per chance?

Proud Tuhoe Teen acknowledges charges but takes no responsibility for the fact that those charged have exposed their valley to this raid.  Instead choosing to blame the Police for conducting it.  Well Tuhoe Teen, if the illegal weapons hadn’t been there in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened, so who is responsible dear?

This issue is exploding into one of race, only because those culpable are making it an issue of race in order to dodge the fact that those charged were in possession of illegal firearms at the very least.  It’s not a race issue, it’s a criminal issue and race is being used as a smokescreen, not just by those involved, but by their leadership!  How can the public at large be expected to show some intestinal fortitude and take responsibility, when their leadership teaches them to use race to escape it?  Dr Sharples should be ashamed at what he has done.

Judging by the turnout today protesting the raids, Police should conduct raids on homes of domestic violence perpetrators and child abusers/killers because at least that would get some public support from the faction that statistically has the worst child abuse figures on record.

Oh and just for fun, have a read of Jim Hopkins column it’s da bomb! Oops did I say bomb?


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