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Oh build a bridge already! Sick of baseless whining!

Posted by pauaprincess on October 20, 2007

Bus driver Isaac Nuku insists that Armed Police searched school buses during this weeks armed raid in the Ruatoki Valley despite Police insisting that they did not.  His wife Mere states in the Herald;

“We exposed them to mental abuse [with] those people decked out in black. All those children could see were those eyes and those guns.” She told the marchers that Ruatoki’s five kohanga reo wanted the Government to provide immediate psychological help to the children, and to guarantee that such action would not happen again.

200px-Black_Power Ironic really when Black Power emerged from the Whakatane area in the 1960’s in response to rival gang the Mongrel Mob in the area.  Gang violence in the Bay of Plenty centres in the Whakatane area which includes the Ruatoki Valley.

In July this year there was a gang shootout in the Ruatoki Valley in the streets of Taneatua involving up to 20 people with 5 cars and injuring three, an innocent father and his 14 year old son were caught in the gunfight fleeing as bullets smashed into their car.  The shootout in July was in retaliation for a brawl in June. 

 In June a man was stabbed to death during a gang brawl in Whakatane’s main street; A sword, knives, wooden bats and planks of wood were used as weapons in the vicious all-in brawl, which took place amid crowds of schoolchildren making their way home.  Obviously the children are a paramount concern here, goodness knows that sight didn’t scar them, in the wake of that brawl, students began wearing gang colours to school.  

The Mongrel Mob rules in Ruatoki.

As you can see there is a long history of violence and armed conflict in the area due to gang tensions.  I suggest the children of the Ruatoki Valley are not so much scarred by the sight of the Armed Offenders Squad searching school buses,(if indeed they did as Police deny the action) nor the sight of men in black showing merely eyes and guns, as wondering which gang they belonged to seeing as their faces weren’t covered by either red or blue bandanas.ruatoki2  Children in Ruatoki are raised with strong oral traditions about the injustices of the past and on Monday Tuhoe believe they saw it for themselves in 2007.  Quite frankly those kids have seen more men in black pointing guns than most other kids in the country and most often, they weren’t Police, who are the residents of Ruatoki trying to fool here? Or is this yet another way to fleece the taxpayer?

How sad to not merely raise children to be aware of the history of their home, but to engender a culture of victimization, no wonder the area has a history of unemployment, drugs and perpetual violence. Tuhoe never gave up sovereignty and they never signed the treaty of Waitangi, “we are a sovereign nation and that the Crown and its agent, the Government, has no authority in our territory“.   A new Police Station was opened in 2006, one of the locals had this to say, “It’s too close to the road,one of the gangs in the area will drive by and torch it“.  What and that’s an acceptable attitude to have?

Amongst the other “injustices” the people of the Ruatoki Valley are leveling since the raids:

The Police roadblocks, set up on the two roads in and out of the Valley, were on the historical confiscation line. This is where, in the 1860s, Tuhoe were left on one side and all the land on the other was taken and given to settlers.

Tuhoe have been saddened that the police commissioner did not use the police Maori liaison staff.

When Police sent Iwi Liason staff to the hui following the raid, they were not were not Tuhoe but from tribes whose ancestors were Crown sympathisers and helped lead the soldiers into Tuhoe land.

The prevailing attitude with regard to the criminality of those involved, ie the possession of firearms etc, is so what?  Everyone here has guns and nobody registers for a firearms licence, there’s no gas station here so people keep petrol in containers.  In short, nobody did anything wrong and we are innocent victims of the Police.

What a pathetic attitude.  Why not put the responsibility for what happened where it belongs?  On the shoulders of those who were raided.  It’s only when you take responsibility that you can actually control your destiny.  If there is any mental abuse going on in the Ruatoki Valley, it’s perpetuated by the adults teaching children they are victims, belonging to gangs, smoking drugs and using violence to gain control instead of taking positive action to behave as responsible human beings and citizens of New Zealand.


16 Responses to “Oh build a bridge already! Sick of baseless whining!”

  1. panoramia said

    Hi Princess
    I will also be posting a lateral thought: “What if the Maori people were to be granted an independent homeland, a sovereign state of their own?” with a few possibilities. (One never knows—?)

  2. Hi PP, This attitude cuts across countries and identities. there is abuse in this world of ours..that’s for sure. but then the folks who want to take advantage of the victim card to hide their shortcomings is decidedly appalling.

    hope you could take pix of the colony that you wanted to!


  3. Weather has been too dicey strong winds and squally showers. As for the victim card being dealt here, it’s more the racism card and that really annoys me because these raids didn’t affect just Maori or even just Tuhoe, they affected people of many different ethnicities from all walks of life. That it has been reduced to an issue of racism is infantile in the extreme. Using racism as a smokescreen to excuse illegal activities is calculating and divisive.

  4. eugene said

    just put all the gangs on a island and leave them there to kill each other off not all of nz need there shit

  5. K.Dub said

    Hu The Fuk Put My dads Photo On Google ?
    Well Seiqq Fuken Heil.
    Taneyy Chapter .

  6. Ngati Maniapoto/Ngai Tuhoe said

    Sad that things get twisted, and other roads start to form, all from and track!!…

    Well im from Both!

    Tuhoe/Ngati Maniapoto, And PROUD of IT!!!

    I have Whanau in Both Gangs, but they are Whanau and thats what matters…

  7. willie said

    I would like to see a sovereign state for maori as the above stated. An “independent homeland”. How about Stewart Island? The main reason is because the maori race is deplenishing. I WISH MAORI WOULDNT INTERBREED WITH WHITES 😦

  8. your’e right…..interracial breeding is a crime…..the perpetrators should be executed

    • Vince said

      Hahaha. What a load of crap lol

    • lol

    • There is no stopping the power of the heart when it becomes attracted to the beauty of another race.
      Besides, if Maori infect all the other races with their spawn, then that means we have more members of other races that are sympathetic and supportive to the Maori’s struggle for recognition of rights AND more people to increase the Maori population. A bigger whakapapa. More power. Less racism. Better rights. More happiness. More freedom. More wealth.
      A story of colonised, indigenous races and cultures as they strive to LIVE!
      So, say YES to interracial breeding! And not just with Pakeha. Interbreed with all the people of the world!
      red, black, white, yellow, brown, tan. YOU KNOW IT BABY!

  9. Mist Maiden said

    Why is there gangs????? Life is for living not KILLING c’mon wake up. There is a big world out there so why are you hurting our own people, foreigners are taking ova our whenua. And the way the govt is goin we gonna have shet for your tamariki mokopuna. Whakaako i nga tikanga a o tatau tipuna ara te tiaki i to tatau whenua e hoa ma. We all the same no one better than the other. Heres an idea join Te Urewera give our land back gang. Back up uncle Tamati Kruger. E Tu Tuhoe E Tu.

  10. Ricky said

    Our land was taken. Now we’re losing our People. Come together as one and fight for the land!!

  11. constant couging…

    […]Oh build a bridge already! Sick of baseless whining! « The Paua Palace[…]…

  12. Juan said

    Peace to all involved! I’m not Maori, I’m an immigrant and my parents were immigrants before me. I am sorry that I have lived in NZ for 10 years and sadly I don’t know anything about Maori culture, don’t even have any maori friends… wanna change all that, I want to speak te reo and learn the customs. We need more positive examples, we need to see more Maori leaders with positive loving views who can influence their communities. NZ as a whole needs a confidence boot, we live in a sweet as country so let’s rep it harder instead of squabbling over anything. When we love ourselves we can grow and have a more vibrant and productive country. my 2c

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