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Why I love Guy Fawkes

Posted by pauaprincess on October 25, 2007

Remember, Remember

The fifth of November,

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot,

I see no reason, why gunpowder treason

should ever be forgot.


When I was a child, holidays were contentious.  Christmas at Mum’s one year, Dad’s the next, Easter and School holidays, all shared equally and according to the courts.  The only vaguely celebratory day in the calendar that wasn’t a battle was Guy Fawkes Day.  It was a guaranteed trip to Dad’s for barbeque and fireworks.

I did enjoy the pretties as we called them, the colourful fireworks after dark, but the fun part was waiting for darkness to fall.  Back in those days we had bangers; double happy’s, thunderbolts, and tom thumbs.  They are all banned now.  Thunderbolts were the biggest, we’d light them, put an empty tin over them and see how high it went when it exploded.  Double happy’s were red and somewhat smaller, we played war with them.  We’d form up on either side of the back yard, behind bushes with wooden guns and have a ball pretending to shoot and blow each other up at a safe distance.  Tom thumbs were the smallest, and we’d use them as grenades. 

After war, we’d have dinner, charcoal flavoured sausages on bread with tomato sauce and onions, the adults had steak and salad.  Then we’d get the sparklers out and run around writing our names in flames.

When the sparklers were spent, we’d all sit down in the darkness and Dad would take out fireworks one by one, someone would stand by with a hose and Dad would light them.  As the the firework started off, we’d go ‘ooooooooooooh’ as it reached a crescendo and petered out, we’d go ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh’ it was tradition, very trite but fun.

Slowly the government has legislated away the fun, thanks to people who do stupid things like hurting animals. Thunderbolts went, then double happys and tom thumbs, then it was sky rockets.  All that is left are the roman candles.

In order to compensate, kids now make sparkler bombs and aim roman candles at each other, where once upon a time, they used tom thumbs.  Now they do real damage.

Still the wowsers want to take away the last of the gunpowder.  For me it’s personal.  It’s like they are taking away something of my childhood.

We teach the kids to be safe, spent sparklers go into a bucket of water, the hose stands ready and waiting for any accidents.  We get together with friends and family, have a barbeque and teach the kids to say ooooooh and ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I hate them for ruining Guy Fawkes.  I hate the people who say it’s nothing to do with NZ and why should we celebrate an act of Terrorism that happened hundreds of years ago in England…Well because it’s fun!


One Response to “Why I love Guy Fawkes”

  1. Panoramia said

    At a time when Tom Thumbs were 2d a string and Double Happys 4d a string, a single Mighty Cannon was 6d and if you had one you were a nuclear power (so long as you never lit it). Love your post!

    Unarguably Guy Fawkes was the only person ever to enter Parliament with genuine altruistic intent …

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