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Middle age has struck me like a freight train at a level crossing!

Posted by pauaprincess on October 30, 2007

I’ve been a little remiss about writing this month, you see in real life, I have this thing called a family and this other thing called a job.  Both of these things are apparently necessary to be a responsible, productive, member of society.

The job has been paramount of late because I’ve been acting in a higher position, being a team leader.  It’s a surreal experience, I cannot believe I am responsible enough to be in charge of others, it’s somewhat like the experience I had a few weeks after my eldest’s birth some 11 years ago, when I realized that his “real” mother wasn’t coming to pick him up, because I was his real mother.

I’m constantly shocked at how very grown up I’ve become.  In fact it’s downright scary.  I used to be “the” demographic the advertising executives wet themselves over and went all out to attract.  I lived on the cutting edge of fashion, had disposable income up the wazoo and spent it all on ME!  The world was my oyster!

I visited the hairdresser religiously, every 6 weeks for cut, colour and perm, the hairdresser was uptown and exclusive (well expensive anyway).  I spent money on clothes, shoes and tat like make up and accessories.  I went out regularly to night clubs, spent a fortune on records and cd’s and drunk like a fish without ever getting a hang over and I took overseas trips.

Then, I met the Prince.

I had been planning to go to England, spent that money on a solid wood queen sized bed for us when we moved in together.  We got engaged and saved for the wedding/honeymoon.  We stopped going out and stayed in with a video to save money.  Once the wedding was over we saved the deposit for a house.  Once we had the mortgage, we decided to have kids.  Once I had the kids, well I started growing out my hair, getting it trimmed at the local sharing shed and colouring it myself.  I saved money by shopping for great second hand clothes and bargins, all the real money went on the kids and still does.

So 15 years after it all began, I’m suddenly no longer cutting edge, I’m one of them…

I’m actually tempted to call noise control when the teens over the back have a party, for some reason the throb of a sub woofer at 3am has become annoying to me, I wonder if they realise that some of us have to work!

When I hear the sound of a turbo cap popping, I don’t swivel to check out the cute guy driving, I just mutter tosser under my breath and make sure the kids are to my right so when he careers off the road onto the pavement, I will hopefully take the brunt of the smash for my children.

My nails are short and rounded, they haven’t seen nail polish since I dressed up as barbie for a work theme night and then I had to make a special trip to the shops to get nail polish remover when I couldn’t stand the sight of the chipped colour anymore.  I used to paint them every two days, I glued diamantes on them and they were long and sexy. 

I actually found myself listening to a classic hits radio station, and they played music I liked!  Seriously, when did Metalicca become mainstream oldies music?  I remember when my father used to yell at me to turn that rubbish off and they played music HE liked on classic hits!

I turn off lights my children leave on and ask them if they think money grows on trees!  I actually read my power bill instead of just paying it!

How did I become my parents?  I was going to be the coolest mother, because I knew what it was like to be a kid. 

My wee pipi princess isn’t asking when she can get her ears pierced, she asked me what age she had to be when she can get her first tattoo!  Oh my God never! was the answer, yet I actually considered one for me once.  By the time I was her age I had pierced ears, I well remember my father asking when I was going to get the bone for my nose.  I just can’t wilfully put holes in my baby girl.  It took me an entire week of thought just to give her permission to cut her hip length hair to shoulder length.

The Princeling has been after me to let him colour his hair, apparently all the kids are doing it.  I asked him if all his friends lined up like leamings to jump off a cliff, would he follow…. 

Dear God I am my parents!


3 Responses to “Middle age has struck me like a freight train at a level crossing!”

  1. bee said

    you’re just wiser. and more street-smart. that’s all. and have a better vantage point of the world.

  2. scrappydo said

    Crazy eh?! It’s even more freaky when the words your parents uttered way back when start coming out of your mouth – virtually unbidden…. Too scary! Lol

  3. I feel uncomfortable with my nose, I feel shy to mingle in group I got a cure for the same with non-surgical nose, now I feel comfortable. job done. Good post to go… Thanks guys!

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