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Mummy I want to be a hampfire for Halloween

Posted by pauaprincess on October 31, 2007

myghoul This is the pipi princess in all her Halloween glory, she looks sufficiently unlike her own self that I am comfortable posting her image.  She asked to be a hampfire, that’s pipi for vampire.  I got out my christening gown (sshhhh don’t tell my mother, she’d have my guts for garters) the one I wore as a baby and flatly refused to dress my children in, we squeezed the pipi princess into it, we couldn’t do up the buttons but it was roomy enough just and came down to her shins.  Next we got a cheap wig from the warehouse and popped my wedding veil on top…voila vampire bride.

She isn’t usually that pale, I used most of a greenstick to pale her down, then we put red lipstick on her lips and fake blood at the corners of her mouth.  Dark blue eye shadow gave her that hollow eyed up all night look.

My red velvet cape kept her warm and I was her cape/train bearer as we paraded around the neighbourhood, getting admiring ooohs and ahhhhs from all the older girls who’d slapped on a pair of fairy wings each and gone out.

This is probably the last year I will get to go wild dressing her up.  When I was a child, we didn’t celebrate Halloween so I’ve been living my Halloween fantasies through the wee pipi.

Her first Halloween, I dressed her as a fairy.  She had a pretty fairy frock, wings and a wand.  I made a flowery wreath for her hair.  The next year, she wanted some say and we agreed on a princess, she had a gown from her dress up box and I got her a crown at the dollar store.  I worked the next year, so I got her a witch outfit and broom, Granny took her out.  This year though, she wanted some gore.  Well she got told she looked adorable more often than scary but she basked in the praise.

The princeling doesn’t get into it anymore, apparently at 11, it’s sufficient to tug on a scream mask with your street clothes.  Not only does he not want to dress up, he doesn’t want to walk with his mother, that’s seriously uncool apparently.  Still, when his friends took their share of the loot and went home, guess who ended up sharing her loot with him…his 6 year old sister. 

Halloween is fun, it’s a shame more people don’t get into it.   


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