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The Mister is growing a Mo!

Posted by pauaprincess on November 1, 2007

The first of November, for me it means a scant two months until my *gasp* fortieth birthday, a prospect I shall write more about later, when and if I grow accustomed to the idea. 

For the Prince it marks the beginning of MOvember.  The month were every man worth his testosterone grows a Moustache in support of prostate cancer awareness in particular and men’s health in general.

So the Prince begins the day with clean shaven face and for the rest of the month, in a good cause, I get to kiss his hairy MObro face.  The first I knew of it, was when this email arrived in my box..

Hi There,

ThePauaPrince just registered to grow a moustache for Movember (the month formerly known as November) and nominated you to help him fundraise for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.

To help him raise as much money as possible we have put some wording together (below) that you can amend, cut and paste into an e-mail and send to your friends.

Thanks for your support

Now it isn’t every day you get an email from a complete stranger telling you that your nearest and dearest is going to grow a moustache, it’s usually something you find out for yourself, when you realize he’s been missing the same spot above his upper lip for the past week and when you point it out to him, he states in a defensive tone, it’s not a mistake, he’s growing a MO! Why? Don’t you like it? Errr ahhh sure honey, it’s ummm very manly?  You stutter in response.

I’m not actually adverse to the Prince having a moustache, he’s had one on and off for the past 16 years of our relationship, in fact he has one in our wedding photos.  I quite like him with it, it’s kind of sexy.  He has dark hair and eyes and it makes him look a little….I dunno, pirate like arrrrrrr.  Plus, it makes him look older, he’s cursed with a baby face and the moustache makes him look like he’s my partner not my toyboy lol.  Mind you, once I was mistaken for his daughter, but I don’t ride around on the end of the shopping trolley now unless I get really tired of walking.

Every year 2656 men contract Prostate Cancer and about 600 men die of it, Prostate Cancer is the second largest cause of male cancer deaths.  I’m proud to be named as his MoSista.  You can sponsor the MO by clicking on the image in my sidebar to go to the sponsorship page.

If you are physically capable, why not become a MObro yourself? 



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