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The Guy Fawkes Post Mortem

Posted by pauaprincess on November 6, 2007

starburst1 Although they aren’t saying as much, Guy Fawkes turned out to be pretty much a fizzer this year for emergency services.  The results have yet to be examined but already the self proclaimed Mother of the Nation is censuring us all and threatening a total ban on consumer fireworks next year. 

Last year was utter mayhem but judging by the news stories and what went on in my suburb, I have to say everyone was remarkably well behaved this year, in fact the biggest accidents happened at the Government recommended Public Displays, the Labour Dept will be investigating those.  So why is Aunty Helen still making threats?

Quite frankly I think the Government has only itself to blame, you see they took away the fun stuff kids used to do before dark when they settled down to watch the pretties…

Once they took away the little bangers, the tom thumbs, double happies and thunderbolts, kids had to make their own fun…  With the inventiveness of youth, they made sparkler bombs, used the gunpowder from legal crackers to make their own and the mindlessly stupid thought to pick up Roman candles and aim them.  Things actually got worse instead of better when they took away our sky rockets because unless we can fire an explosive charge into the sky and watch it go wheeeeee, it just isn’t Guy Fawkes.  So fireworks manufacturers responded with ground based fireworks that fired charges into the sky, the humble roman candle, became an unstable weapon in the hands of the terminally stupid.

To be perfectly honest, it’s not Helen Clark or the Labour Government’s place to legislate out fireworks.  It’s my place as a parent to teach my children how to behave and how to be safe.  It’s my responsibility to ensure they are safe.

What really gets to me, is the lack of tolerance for accidents.  Accidents happen in this world, it’s a fact of life and I accept it.  Every time I leave my bed I am at risk and so are you.  So accidents happen, how many people were killed or injured by cars over the Guy Fawkes period as opposed to injured by fireworks?

Having read the your views section of the Herald, this response says it all:

Honey Mark (Auckland)I think we should ban pets in cities, they get in the way of my noise. You want quiet, move rural. You want safe, live in a hermeticly sealed glass topped coffin on wheels. But don’t get drunk incase you crash it or maybe get alcohol related brain damage LOL Really. 5 people out of 3 million get hurt and you think theres a problem ? You need to get some perspective. Fireworks are fun. I think raising the age limit helped a lot this year in preventing idiocy. Personaly I’d like to see it go a step further where you actualy have to sit a test and get permitted before you can purchase/use fireworks Can guarantee you one thing though. You ban fireworks outright and people will make their own. Don’t think they wont. Prohibiton has never ever once worked. Those who want to, will. Always. It’s funny how governments and other like-minded (read small-minded) people can’t see that.


One Response to “The Guy Fawkes Post Mortem”

  1. panoramia said

    In the interests of safety we should ban all fireworks completely, including marine flares, which are simply fireworks by a Greek name (pyrotechnics).
    And Halloween, because dressing up as a hideous monster will give any kid that sees himself in a mirror conniptions.
    And Xmas, because Santa is a pedophile in red drag sneaking into kiddy bedrooms. And Easter because all that choc turns kids into blimps (and if they ate real eggs instead they’d all die of artery clogging. Ban eggs anyway, look where they come from, it’s insanitary) and the Easter Bunny, what’s she as a role model? Harlot!
    Anything I’ve missed?
    Oh … make ’em all sleep nude ‘cos pyjamas catch fire. Ban petrol ‘cos kids sniff it. Likewise glue (actually anything at all gets sniffed). Ban schools ‘cos assembly halls harbour hideous horrors.
    Be proactive and ban children, then no-one would have to worry about them catching old age and dying from it …

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