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More on the raids

Posted by pauaprincess on November 9, 2007

The solicitor general has decided that prosecutions under the “Terrorism Suppression Act” cannot go ahead. He said the legislation was “incoherent” and recommended the legislation should be reviewed by the Law Commission yesterday.  Mr Collins defended the police when outlining the reasons for the decision, saying they had acted appropriately by using the new law and had no other option. 

“I wish to stress that the police have successfully brought to an end what were very disturbing activities. That the police did so without a single shot being fired, injury or loss of life is a tremendous reflection on the professionalism and integrity of the New Zealand Police.”

This has caused prominent Maori Leaders, such as Tariana Turia to call for  Commissioner Howard Broad to resign, claiming he had staked his reputation on successfully using the act, and had used the terrorism overtone to justify the much criticized police raids.  Ms Turia believes the raids “branded” Tuhoe as a whole as terrorists and that the Police serving warrants to search under the Terrorism Suppression Act, terrified the rest of the country.

Ummm I wasn’t terrified, I was actually glad Police arrested and held them on firearms charges.  While the warrant also invoked the Terrorism Suppression Act, the inconvenient fact that Ms Turia and her Maori Party Cohorts consistently ignore, is that the persons arrested and held, were arrested on breaches of the Firearms Act, with a view to prosecution under the Terrorism Suppression Act with regard to their documented activities prior to arrest.  The requirements for the warrants were fulfilled obviously.  You see a warrant, signed by a judge, is served in order to give Police opportunity to gather sufficient evidence for a successful prosecution, it’s not a given that once a warrant is served there will be an arrest.  As I understand it, warrants were served on many households, including one of a friend of Jeanette Fitzsimmons, where no arrest followed whatsoever. 

In short, the only arrests that were made, were where Police found firearms and or explosives and knew beyond a doubt they had sufficient evidence for a prosecution on Firearms charges.

The public at large would not have known about the warrant also being served invoking the Terrorism Suppression Act if not for the media publicizing the fact, the people of Ruatoki whining about it, and Pita Sharples, Tariana Turia etc jumping on the bandwagon stating it, so who branded anyone a terrorist?

I’m sick to death of this racism and attempts by Tuhoi to segregate themselves from the rest of NZ society because of a few Police raids. 

Let’s be clear, people in the Ruatoki were arrested, people in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland were arrested too.  The raids were not confined to Maori people, at least one person of middle eastern heritage and more than one of european heritage were arrested also.

All the warrants were executed simultaneously and with the Armed Offenders Squad, appropriate when you consider all those arrested were armed.  No shots were fired, nobody was hurt or killed.  What exactly would they prefer?

Just a couple of months ago, the Armed Offenders Squad sealed off a Mt Eden Street and executed a warrant on a Gang HQ, seizing firearms.  Nobody cried racism then.  The people of Brentwood Ave didn’t squeal about being branded Gang Members.  Despite having to go through Armed Offenders checkpoints, just as those in the Ruatoki Valley did.  Know why?  Because nobody wants Gangs to run amok with weapons. 

Those arrested have not been vindicated, they still face charges, there are cases to be answered.  Tariana Turia and her party should shut their gobs until those cases have been through the courts.


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