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Vindication for Police on charges of over reaction and racism

Posted by pauaprincess on November 15, 2007

Yesterday the Dominion Post published the evidence used to obtain the warrants for the so called Terror Raids.  It’s an eye opener.

Having read this evidence, there can be little doubt that the Police acted for the good of the people of NZ.  What’s more it is revealed, despite the people of the Ruatoki Valley contending racism, that of the 16 arrested and held, 6 were Maori and 3 of those were Tuhoe.  Hardly damning evidence of racial bias when you look at it in those terms.  One wonders why that particular fact didn’t come to the fore weeks ago.  We were told that people of other ethnicities were arrested, but the media who have now done a complete about face, never gave the figures and neither did Police.

Of course there are people saying that the evidence presented is evidence only of a small group of disgruntled people yapping, they’d never have really done it. They were just opening and closing their mouths.  People say all the time that the PM deserves a bullet etc…

Oh really? And what have we learned from America and the UK in the wake of actual terror attacks?

1. A small group of disgruntled people, nationals in fact, can inflict death and damage.

2. These people were the subjects of intelligence that was dismissed.

What exactly do you want by way of proof? Do we wait until someone is killed?  That’s what detractors are essentially saying.

The fact is, these people were discussing committing acts of terror, discussing murder and they HAD weapons and the means to commit the acts they were discussing.

The only mistake Police appear to have made, was using the faulty Suppression of Terrorism Act to go after them.  Perhaps they should have used existing conspiracy and treason legislation instead.


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