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Indirect finger pointing?

Posted by pauaprincess on November 20, 2007

Following NZ’s loss to Australia in the Netball world cup, the NZ team captain Adine Wilson broke the news to her team mates that she is 14 weeks pregnant.  The resulting furore is something more out of 1907 than 2007.

Yesterday the NZ Herald felt bound to run a your views solicitation with the headline “Should the Ferns’ skipper have played while pregnant?”  of the 8 pages of views expressed, with the exception of one comment, support for Adine Wilson’s commitment to play abounded.  Most were of the view it was nobody’s business but Adines, the remainder expressed the concept that pregnancy was not an illness and that she wouldn’t have played unless her doctor okayed the decision.  But there is always one and in this case it’s an Australian living in the dark ages, but then they did try to ban pregnant players back in 2001.

from JaJa (Australia)Definitely not! Netball is a highly physical sport. To say that it is a non-contact sport is a load of rubbish! How bad would another player feel if they collided with a pregnant player, causing miscarriage?

With 8 pages of enlightened comment, the NZ Herald still felt bound to print today’s column entitled “Pregnant Netballer not harming baby“.  Seeking the opinions of esteemed Obstetrics experts to reassure us all? Why?  Obviously kiwi’s felt no need for reassurance.  Are the Herald trying to say that we could have won if Adine weren’t pregnant?  That’s the inference I am getting from this.


One Response to “Indirect finger pointing?”

  1. Adine_Wilson_Fan said

    i think people are just trying to point the finger at someone for the Ferns loss. if adine had of thought it would affect her form then i dont think she would have played! it didnt though!

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