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New Year

Posted by pauaprincess on January 1, 2008

I am officially on holiday for a month.  I am going to try and do a photo essay, my holiday in pictures.  Here is the first.

Sun set on New Years Day

Taken at Pt Chevalier, Auckland.nysunset

This evening after a hearty dinner of chicken curry and rice, I decided we needed some exercise to walk off dinner and the malaise of a hot summer day.  It was overcast this evening, as the sun set with gray clouds rolling in to cover the beautiful blue sky we had today.

I took the kids to Point Chevalier, a harbour beach in central west Auckland, it’s central because it’s the older part of the city, not the oldest mind you, but it was only developed in the 1920’s.

As you can see the tide was well out and the beach itself was fairly deserted.

The park beside the beach was another story, a huge pacific island family had set up tents and were having a New Years get together and barbeque.

We took a stroll through a path in the mangrove swamp, looking at plants and birds, then moved onto the beach so the wee pipis could look for shells, snails and crabs.

I took pictures whilst the sun set and by the time we were done I was hungry again.


You can see the lights of vehicles on the motorway just below the Waitakere Ranges, with the sun setting behind them.


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