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January, summer and birthdays

Posted by pauaprincess on January 4, 2008

cricket1 So, this is how we spent our evening this evening.  Playing Cricket in the front garden.  That’s what summer holidays are all about, spending time playing games with the kids.  Now if the weather would just play along.  It clouded over again tonight.

Yesterday evening I was asked by my team to go into work for a shared meal.  It turns out they got me there to give me a birthday present.  So sweet, I’ve been their team leader for approximately 2 weeks.

It’s my first birthday gift, I’m turning 40 in 12 days.  I opened the card and read “You’re 40” ouuuuuuuuuch!  I think I gasped aloud.  I’ve not really seen it in writing before and it was a bit breath taking.

I’m pretty much resigned to being 40, I mean there’s nothing whatsoever I can do to prevent it and I am a fairly young and lithe 40.  Middle age spread has yet to get a hold on my figure and I am as energetic as I ever was.  There’s gray hair but it looks kind of funky because it’s not so much gray as white amongst the blonde.

I certainly don’t feel 40.  But what does 40 feel like? 18 with 22 years experience?

At least I have learned during my 40 years.  I find I learn something new every day and I love it.  I’m definitely happier than I was at 18, look at what I have, a job I love, two beautiful kids and a husband who I’ve shared my life with for 15 years now.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be 18 again.


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